Kaguro Palace
Name Dracola
Kanji ドラクオラ
Rōmaji Dorakuora
Master Lucifer Ravenneel
S-Class Mages Lucifer Ravenneel
Type Dark Guild
Location Sin

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"Where the end beggins, the blood is shed, the feather falls and the empty tower hears the noise of the crow... The chant ressonates on the walls of fear!"
— Chant of the Guild

The Dracola Guild (ドラクオラ, Dorakuora) is a Dark Guild, composed of strong Dark Mages and led by the main antagonist of my fanon series of Fairy Tail, Lucifer Ravenneel.


The Dracola Guild's headquarters are located in Desierto, a giant desert, in fact, the biggest in all of Earth Land. It is located on the southeastern side of Earth Land. It is located about 10 kilometers of the main city, Péché.

It is a standing tower, elevated and supported by four big ropes with a spell. It's got solid gold details and doors. The entrance is a pathway with pillars around. The throne room has a big throne, shortly elevated (a couple steps tall), made out of gold with sun-like details. Around it, there are several small buildings, that are the Guild's dormitories.


To be continued...


Name Rank Team Status
Lucifer Ravenneel1st Guild MasterNoneActive
Pierrot FurringS-Class Dark MageTeam Hat TrickActive
Orochuri SerpantaDark MageTeam Hat TrickActive
Shin ByungDark MageTeam Hat TrickActive
Aize HandressDark MageTeam Hat TrickActive

Magic & Abilities