Durandal is the name of George Ecclesia's magic, it takes the form of a machinec sword. It is not known as a Lost Magic, but it is mmuch more powerful than ordinary holder-type magic.


  • Execution: This technique is his mainly used technique which allows him to summon over a thousand blue energy swords which can decimate an enemy from a large distance.
  • Durandal's Journey: This technique allows him to create a solidified magic path which he runs on and can let others run on as well. It allows him to stand on air, dodge attacks and get close to an enemy,

George also seems to be able to telekinetically control Durandal, however it is unknown if that is how it's supposed to be wielded or if George prefers to wield it like that. It is known that George can wield it with his hand, but due to his own preference he prefers to wield it telekinetically unless a swordsman or woman will attack him with a sword.

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