Eiren Suisugi
Eiren Suisugi is a potential S-Rank member of the Watcher Eye Guild.


Eiren comes from a long line of powerful mages. One day, a gang bandits under the control of the Church of Darkness attacked and destroyed Eiren's family home and stole a powerful magic tome belonging to his family. Eiren was the only survivor. He spent many years tracking down the men to get back his family's most prized possession. Needing some back up, Eiren requested help from Watcher Eye. The guild sent Renyen and with his help Eiren succeeded in getting back his family's tome. Without a home to return to however Eiren had nowhere to go prompting Renyen to invite him to join the guild to which Eiren accepted.


Eiren is generally solitary and quiet, but tries to act cool when others are around. Eiren also has a tendency to not use lethal force, especially if he can win without it. Instead he will only incapacitate his opponents.

Magic and Abilities

Eiren, like his forefathers is a powerful water mage and an expert in his family's own style

  • Water Katana: Eiren creates a sword out of ice that he is able to use in combat
    • Suisugi Sword Technique: Cutting Edge: Eiren sends a concussive slash of water towards his opponent by swinging his sword.
    • Suisugi Sword Technique: Ten Spears: Eiren creates ten spears out of water that he then sends at an opponent. In addition to being an offensive attack the spears can also be used as a distraction so that Eiren can move in closer.
    • Suisugi Ultimate Sword Technique: Charybdis: Eiren summons forth a great whirlpool which sucks in his opponent(s) and then becomes a giant swirling column of water imprisoning his opponent(s). Eiren then uses more and more water to increase the size of his sword with which he then delivers a powerful slash cutting through the tower and his opponents.
  • Twin Katana: Eiren creates two swords out of ice that he wields in battle.
  • Water Duplicate: Eiren creates a clone of him made entirely out of water.
  • Water Wall: Eiren creates a wall of water in front of him to protect from attacks.
  • Water Bubbles: Eiren creates a bubble of water with oxygen trapped in it that allows him to breathe underwater.

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