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Emilly Rosaria is the most recent member of Masquerade Guild and is currently a first time mage.


Emilly grew up with a very normal life. As a child, her parents worked and spent most of their time in Fiore and Emilly lived with her grandmother. After her grandmother passed away this year; X791, she recieved a letter and enough money to travel across the country to Fiore. However, as a result of her gullibility, she was tricked, many times over, out of all her money. From there on, she wandered towards Fiore, nearly aimlessly, and ended up at the Masquerade Guild. While there, she was hired as a waitress/maid to make some extra money. However, just recently, she became very close to the workers and some guild members and was asked to join the guild. She accepted the offer, but as a result of not knowing any maigc, several members were against the idea. Now she must go through a 5 day training with Reikon Roland so that she can face Talon Lucial in a duel. As for her relationship with her parents, she sends them mail every week, although at times, she forgets their home address.


Emilly is a curvaceous 17 year old female with silver hair, soft, creamy skin, and hazel eyes. She wears a white, single buttoned blouse with an orange neck tie, a long white dress; cut at her right side with an orange belt and green stockings and white high heels all with green trimming. Emilly also has white arm sleeves with green trimmiong and a gree hair accessory with white trimming. Originally, the dress, blouse, and sleeves were all one piece, however, Emilly cut them apart to give it a more edgey look.


Emilly is like a mature little girl. She is easily fooled, yet knows what's right and what's wrong. Emilly never realizes when a person is hitting on her, but she slaps anyone who talks inapropriately to her. She hates foul language and immature men. She is a plant lover with a green thumb and has a strong sense of self respect. She is very proud of being a female and is often shown seducing men and sometimes women to do her bidding. She has no shame with her body and does not get embarassed whenever it is revealed. She tends to have crushes on S-Class level mages. In her eyes, if you aren't strong you aren't worth it; although her definition of strong is more than just physical or magical strength.


Destiny's Silk

Magic and Abilities

As a first time mage, Emilly has low magic power and an equal amount of skill. She is currently in training with Reikon Roland. She is reading books on Rune Magic and has some experience with Pulsar Magic; and is starting to put them into practice every day.


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