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Prime of chaos 2




Parent Magic

Black Orbiter


Atrax Noctua
Lisette Aznable

Erebus (超混迷重力球(エレブス), Erebusu lit. Super Chaotic Gravity Sphere): Erebus is a powerful Black Orbiter spell which involves the generation of a dense black sphere that affects gravity to the extremes – it is speculated to be the namesake of the Black Orbiter magic, and a far more powerful version of Black Hole of Gravity Magic.


In any case, when activating Erebus, the caster surges their magical energies within their frame outwards briefly, putting ambient particles of eternano suspended within the atmosphere under their thrall while siphoning the essence of their magical power into the environment in order to have that's classified as the properties of their energy hewn from their soul interact with the masses of magical particles in the vicinity as well as their own magical energy, and from here, through mental commands alone, the caster focuses, installing within these energies their thoughts of what lies beyond the earth, space, and everything detailed within that region, enabling them to shift their own magical energies and other particles into the primary energy of Chaos Arts, Sacred Aether – from here, through their thoughts and influence, the caster increases the density of the aether that they have generated while molding these incredible energies, resulting in the manifestation of a vicious maelstrom of vertical downward forces that taps into the natural phenomenon by which all things with energy are brought toward (or gravitate toward) one another, including all elements and sub-atomic particles – gravity; taking this force of the universe, the caster molds these energies which have been placed under their thrall, condensing aether at a single point to shape it into the form of a dense black sphere which itself affects the surrounding gravity even more than usual by causing gravity within a certain range to collapse inward, pulling in objects and eradicating them, like a simulated black hole. Within the spells range of pull, loose magic energy of a lower level than Erebus is unable to escape being pulled in and destroyed considering the gravitational pull of Erebus is directly proportional to the amount of magic energy that is placed within the spell – at its highest point, everything within a four kilometer radius is affected by the thrall of Erebus, being sucked up like a vacuum before being rend asunder by the immense gravitational collapse.


Erebus etereo

Erebus: Etereo

Erebus: Etereo (空気のようエレブス Kūki no you Erebusu) is the Etereo Class advancement of the Erebus Spell. Atrax creates multiple spheres, which gather within close proximity to each other, thus multiplying the range of the spell's attracting forces and the power of the spell itself.

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