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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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Erie Reinhardt
(イリー・ラインハット, Irii Rainhatto)
Phantom Queen (ファントム女王 Fantomu Joō)
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Direwolf3 Direwolf
Myriad Fang
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Shizuka Ishigami
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Erie Reinhardt (イリー・ラインハット Irii Rainhatto?) is a new mage of the Direwolf guild and the main female protagonist of Fairy Tail: Horizon.



Erie's full appearance

As a child, Erie was a somewhat petite young girl with an overall small build. Her hair was a slightly lighter color than it is now, and was cut decently short, though she still kept a bow in her hair (the same overall color as the hair surrounding it). Her standard outfit back then was kept apparently as simple as possible in order to require less maintenece and enable her to move as quickly as she could. It consisted of a simple light gray/silver tank top with slightly tattered sleeves, as well as a black bandanna that she kept wrapped aorund her neck. On her lower half she wore a simple black skirt with black leggings located underneath it, as well as simple sandals that were always around her feet no matter the situation. Due to constantly moving from battlefield to battlefield she also seemed to have a wide variety of bandages (usually around her arms or related appendages), that essentially become another staple of her childhood appearance. Following her successful escape from the country, it is believed that for the first time she drastically alternated her outfit, but this outfit itself has not yet been shown or even confirmed to exist.

Many years later, Erie has grown into an attractive and beautiful young woman and has an overall more professional appearance than when she was a child. Her hair has darkened and grown out a good deal more, and it remains slightly wavy, though it now reaches down to a bit past the middle of her back, and her bangs have become a bit more curved and smoother than as a child, with smaller bangs located farther down occasionally framing her face depending on the situation. Her brightly amber-colored eyes seem to shine a bit more than they did as a child, and she has added the small addition of stylized eyeshadow on the corners of both of her eyes, adding a sort of highlight or even frame for them. In terms of her overall outfit several years later, Erie has adopted a bit more of form-hugging outfit than the form of dress she preferred as a child. Most notably, she has swapped out her previous black bandanna for a long and slightly skinny black scarf that is generally always wrapped around her neck. On her upper torso she usually wears a white undershirt of sorts with a black trim and two lines running along close to the black trim outlines themselves. Slightly underneath that she has donned a black vest with a curtained-style trim around the top edges that only has one button actually buttoned and has somewhat hanging coattails that trail down slightly, and the overall vest generally exposes part of her stomach. On her lower half she wears small-ish white shorts that continue downward in the form of black leggings that cover the rest of her legs. The leggings, while starting off as black, slowly transition into a dark purple-esque color as they reach down, before they reach her feet. Upon said feet Erie wears simple black shoes that seem to be a combination of high-heeled shoes and traditional tennis shoes, as well as sporting slightly darker 'collars' of their own, complete with two white buttons (leading to the assumption that these buttons can be closed in order to offer further protection to her feet, but this has also not been shown or proven by any means aside from logical or deductive reasoning). In addition, Erie wears a simple black wristband on one arm while the other sports a black arm warmer that has a somewhat stylized appearance, having a silver-colored clip wrapped around the middle of it in order to provide a sort of soothing contrast (though the purpose of the clip has not been revealed or explained). As with her child appearance, Erie continues to don a black bow at the top of her head, though her current one is much larger than the one she wore as a child.

Erie does not only wear this outfit, however, as she has a larger variety of optional clothing sets to choose from depending on the situation. Her second most common outfit's function has not been fully explained and she apparently prefers to not wear it, but will occasionally don it for training or espionage-base activites. The outfit consists of a white gi with an a slightly opened up color, as well as longer sleeves than her general outfit (though to be fair her general outfit has no sleeves at all) and has replaced her standard arm-based clothing with simple wire-based wraps of the same black color. She also has a black wrapping around her waist that cuts off part of the gi from the rest of the uniform, though her pants and shoes appear to remain the same. She also usually has a set of clothing that appears to function both as a normal kimono as well as a set of pajamas. They consist of what appears to be a kimono-style outfit with an overall dark gray color along with a small white trim, in addition to another white string and knot of sorts that she keeps wrapped around her waist. The outfit also sports long sleeves and is cut off somewhat shortly, exposing a large amount of her legs (though when in a more traditional 'kimono mode', the outfit seems to go down longer and can even reach her feet and therefore scuff on the floor a bit, depending on the setting (though the length of the lower section seems to be inconsistent, implying that she has a variety of similar outfits for a variety of similar locations, all with the same general theme and apeparance). She also has another outfit that she rarely dons, for reasons of it being a beach outfit (and the group finds that they rarely stop at a beach for very long). It seems to consist of a simple black top piece with a white polka-dot pattern and smaller strings wrapped around the back of her neck in order to keep it in place, as well as a lower half section that combines the function of a small skirt and a swimsuit, with a slight ruffles theme, and she will occasionally wear sandals along with this (which are also black in their own way). It is to be noted that the most consistent trait in all of these outfits is the black bow she keeps on top of her head at almost all times.

Generally, Erie can usually be found with one of her magically generated ravens perced on her shoulder or somewhere nearby her as a form of company as well as a way to potentially alert her of danger before she can spot or sense it. In addition, due to the long use of her magic, whenever she summons up her magical aura, it appears as a massive amount of ravens leaving her body and flying away slowly in a large flock of sorts, rather than the convential magical aura that other mages sport.


During her child, Erie was a generally quiet and at times unassuming young girl who often found herself simply following her parents' orders in order to simply survive, and she generally put her faith entirely in them at all times, counting on them to lead her to safety. In the middle of their journies, however, Erie developed the desire to assist them in any way she can and began developing Raven Magic in the hopes of accomplishing this goal. However, her parents' death had an effect on Erie's overall worldview, and she found herself questioning the whole purpose of the war or conflict in general. Unable to find or come up with an answer, Erie developed a strong aversion to an unnecessary violence and even to this day she requires immense amounts of persuasian before entering a battle for no particular reason aside from the fun of combat. Her experiences during her childhood, moving from battlefield to battlefield, did impact another aspect though, and she began focusing on training and becoming stronger and developing a powerful fighting style. Upon leaving Midi, she generally tried to keep to herself most of the time, though she gradually opened up a bit and became more willing to express herself and take part in various journeys, quests, and adventures.

As she is now, Erie has developed into a strong, no-nonsense type of person who often finds herself acting as something of the tsukkomi to Rhys' (and to some extent, also Casimir's depending on the situation) boke. Due to this, Erie often seems the sternest and most adult member of the group of main characters, and therefore is often the one who ends up representing the group in terms of formal events and arranging such things as job requests and missions for the group to gain a wide variety of extra funds and supplies to continue their journey. She also generally travels with any group that is going to acquire such supplies and funds in order to make sure that they are acquired promptly (though she has grown more and more towards trusting her friends over the course of the series). Erie can at times be considered the older sister figure or even the mother figure of the group, and she seems to partially view it as her responsibility to keep the entire group in line when things get out of hand. However, despite all this, she does indeed find herself at times going along with her nakama's antics and being just as silly as any of them. Erie also seems to be deeply in-tune with Myriad Fang and can often read them better than many other people that she has met during their journey, and at times will react in the same manner as them when the group as a whole is faced with some sort of situation or predicament deserving of a reaction. Because of this, the group often finds themselves acting as one in some situations, to the point that they move the exact same way at the same time in order to accomplish a goal in mind. This has furthered their ability to work as a team in battle (though at times they seem to be unable to access this 'ability' during the event of an actual battle and prefer to simply chain their attacks together in order to deliver more powerful blows, leading most to believe that this is a purely comedic function with little to no incredible applications in battle). Nonetheless, Erie is incredibly grateful to her friends and comrades for simply being there and as a part of her life, and is willing to go to any lengths to make sure that they remain safe and happy as well, to even considering sacrificing her own life in order to ensure their survival. She also seems to believe she has a debt of sorts to the three Dragon Slayers, and is perfectly willing to take their place in a battle or put their very lives on her shoulders when it comes/came to several battles within the events of the series. Erie has something of a vested interest in 'paying the debt back', but she seems to be in no particular hurry to do so. Despite her early assurances that she would eventually leave the group to resume her own journeys, Erie has stayed with the group and can be regarded as one of the key or backbone members of the group.

Erie appears to be somewhat sensitive about her body and any mention of her actual physical appearance is usually met with comedic violence of some variety, even if what is being said happens to be a compliment (though generally compliments are met with over-the-top threats and actions rather than immediate physical retaliation, as well as causing the offender to be immediately labeled by her as a 'pervert' or 'perv', with it being very difficult to remove such a stigma). Because of this, the very idea of spying or peeking on her when in the likes of a hot spring or bath is regarded as a something akin to an act of suicide to those who know her well, and they never even attempt to perform such an action as they know firsthand what sort of retaliation is waiting for them if they actually commit the crime itself. This shyness seems to extend further, with Erie becoming nervous and hard to convince to even don the likes of a swimsuit or dress (though the dress aspect can be explained with Erie, like the rest of her nakama, being not very comfortable in overly formal settings). In general Erie has become slowly adept at dealing out swift and comedic punishment when it comes to dealing with over-the-top idiocy or those who annoy her in some other way (usually when the naivete or idiocy of one of her comrades leads to some form of negative consequence to her), and the punch that she uses to dispense such damage is often humorously regarded as one of the most powerful attacks in the series, to the point that the likes of fighting game combo counters and announcements (complete with word popups) appear when she delivers the blow itself, often offering exaggerated statistics on how far she managed to knock the target and the overal 'score' that she receives for doing so. However, Erie often attemps to give people she is meeting for the first time the benefit of the doubt and acts as genuinely kindly as she can to most.

In regards to her magic, Erie seems to juggle between being incredibly proud of it and having an almost ashamed attitude towards the magic itself. In terms of the first aspect, she is often proud of her magic and its accompanying subsecies magic for her being able to create in the first place, and she often simply creates a small raven to act as a companion to her or a similar function (as well as the previously mentioned detection mechanic of the raven(s) ). She also seems to take great pride in the variety of constructs she can create out of the ravens and her overall various offensive options with the magic that she has created. However, Erie also seems somewhat ashamed of the magic due to her believing (and somewhat correctly) that the creation and use of the magic is what led to her parents' deaths in the first place, and therefore she seems to be incredibly loathe about using the magic without any real point or purpose to it, and can at times refuse to show off the magic in order to prove its existence unless an adequate reason for doing so is presented (though in some cases her pride in her magic can be used to convince her to actually show it off, though she seems to still feel a bit guilty about using it in such way so it is still somewhat rare that such persuasian actually works). However, Erie also seems to be incredibly protective of this magic and currently refuses to teach it to anyone, believing it as one of the few things that she has left from her parents that can remind her of them, and therefore desires nothing less but to keep it from people who would abuse it or use it in a way that she wouldn't agree with or condone, and despite being sometimes called selfish due to this, she stands by her decision to keep it to her own magic to herself for the foreseeable future.




Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Ways of Combat

Expert Swordswoman Skills-

Hand-to-Hand Combat Proficiency-

Physical Attributes

Superhuman Speed and Agility-

Enhanced Strength-

Superhuman Durability-

Magical Abilities

Incredible Magical Power-

Raven Magic

Raven Magic (カラスの魔法, Karasu no Mahō) is a very strange magic, that, in its simplest explanation, allows the user to transmute their magical power into constructs that shape and act like ravens, and said ravens have a variety of potential purposes. Generally, when the user creates them, they slowly emerge from the user's body or parts of their clothing, sliding out smoothly (they generally emerge from black clothing, hair, or both when released) and beginning to flap their wings and fly around once they have safely exited. Once they have entered empty air, they generally fly around within a 3-4 foot radius around the user, since any further risks having their creator dispel them in order to save magical power, and it is generally this distance in which they are the most useful. These created birds often appear to have rudimentary intelligence, but rather it is more likely that they operate within a set command or purpose given to them by the user before they are fully created, and the magic to create them is simply being compressed together in order for the bird to take form. The purposes for which the birds can be used after being created and released varies, depending on the user and how they want to utilize the birds. The most immediate use is to have the birds act as a shield of sorts, as they are semi-solid and large clusters of them can be used to block attacks that are either magical or physical in order. However, each individual raven is generally very weak and can be broken with a single attack, magical or otherwise, so it is generally wise to have them cluster in massive groups in order to take larger attacks. However, for magical attacks that are massive in scale, they can still be blocked, but only with a truly incredible number of birds that would consume all of the user's magical power to create if it didn't kill them outright. Another use is to have the birds gather around the user's limbs, acting as a form of armor, and delivering damage by having the birds' magical power detonate as they strike the opponent (usually in large groups to gain the greatest amount of potential damage delivered). The birds can also act with their shield function when in this state as well, blocking up-close attacks that endanger the user's limbs, and the user can even detonate the birds once the attack's blow actually lands, dealing damage to them as they attack while still defending the user.

Another potential use for the ravens is to super-compress them into various shapes for use in combat, generally in the form of weapons, such as swords, shields, and other hand-held weapons (guns are generally hard to use as it would require several ravens to form the gun and several more to actually load it, not counting the complexities that would be required in order to actually create a functioning gun, making it rather of a poor decision to attempt to build a gun with these). In terms of melee or some projectile weapons created with these ravens, they are generally lighter than their actual counterparts might be, due to be constructed mainly of magical power and a vague, semi-solid black 'skin' providing it with structure (a la, the skin of the ravens created). Due to this lightness, swordsmen or other weapon wielders who decide to utilize weapons made in this way find it slightly easier to wield this and can deal faster and deeper blows with these weapons (though some have initial difficulty wielding them due to said lightness, while experienced users of the magic can wield raven-based weapons with greater precision than actual weapons). In addition to creating weapons, users can compress the ravens in order to create a variety of other potential constructs, the most popular being using a massive amount of ravens to create temporary wings that the user can glide on, though they are subject to wind currents (while also relying on them) much like actual birds.

Users of this magic generally form something of an attachment or connection to the ravens that they create, mostly due to the ravens being created of their own magical power. Users can also reabsorb the ravens back into their own magical power, allowing them to share the various sights the birds have seen while active, as well as occasionally receiving information on the opponent should the birds manage to perch on the opponent for a short period of time. Long users of this magic have even observed a peculiar phenomenon; if one has used this magic for long enough, their magical power will begin to always manifest itself in flocks of ravens, whether the user has intended to create them or not.


  • Raven Blade: Valravn (カラスの刃:ヴァルラヴン, Karasu no Ha: Varuravun)- Erie's main base technique when utilizing Raven Magic, this spell conists of her releasing an immense amount of ravens from her body using the basics of Raven Magic, and then consolidating it into a blade between her hands. The overall design of Valravn appears to have been inspired by the numerous weapons that Erie saw during her time travelling with her family along the various battlefields that had originally consumed her home country, with the blade she creates attempting to combine the best elements of the different kinds of swords that she viewed into one weapon for her to wield and attack with. The resulting blade is a somewhat thin one that seems to a combination (at least in shape) of a katana and a European broadsword, with the shape of the broadsword but the slimness and overall size and weight of a katana (though it is to be noted that the weight of Valravn can change depending on the amount of ravens placed into it and the amount of magical power that created the constructs in the first place). This blade is incredibly sharp, and can slice through a great deal of materials and substances that things can be constructed out of, though once more the overall cutting power of the blade also depends on the amount of magical power poured into it, meaning that constructing Valravn with as little magical power as possible therefore deprives it of much of its cutting prowess. The sword also seems to be simply shaped, being pitch black with a slightly glowing, faint purple outline. Erie is adept in the use of this sword and can attack with it with much more overall strength, speed, and power than many of the other techniques of this magic, and is even capable of releasing a massive amount of pure magical power purely from the ravens that make up the blade, allowing her to fire off 'flying slashes' made up of the magical power itself, carrying the cutting power of Valravn for a much greater distance, though at the cost of the sword becoming smaller due to the loss of ravens and therefore the magical power that was used to create them, and the sword itself is vulnerable to attacks designed to erase magic, due to it being made of magic itself. However, the problem of losing ravens when attacking can be remedied by simply generating more ravens to return the sword back to its original size (unless the flying slash uses all the magical power of the ravens, and therefore destroys the sword completely), or in the case of being attacked by an anti-magic technique, by simply recreating a new sword.
    • First Raven Sword Blow: Reafan (最初のカラス剣ブロー:レアファン, Saisho no Karasuken Burō: Reafan)- One of Erie's main and arguably her most basic technique when wielding Valravn in combat, Reafan is also one of her most indecisive techniques, as there appears to be no one way for her to utilize this technique. At its most basic form, the attack takes the form of a simple slash with the Valravn. Nothing entirely fancy, just a simple slash with the sword. The attack also seems to incorporate some aspects of the sword-based martial art known as iai, as a large amount of the time Erie announces the name of the technique after appearing suddenly behind the opponent and delivering the actual strike to them. as if performing the action of drawing a sword out of its sheath and striking the opponent in the same motion (though in actualilty no sword is being drawn out of any sheath, thanks to the nature of Valravn itself). In essense, Reafan seems to be Erie's basic and most simple attack with Valravn, with no extra magic being expended and no truly complex swordplay at work when she attacks, so it can be considered in some ways her basic physical slash when utilizing Valravn in its most basic possible way. Erie seems to somewhat prefer this technique and it generally is her opening strike whenever she believes that a fight will last a great deal of time, or if she is facing an opponent whom she views as weak enough to defeat in one simple strike (a rare occurance, but one that does happen every so often during the course of the series). Due to it being a simple sword slash with no added effects, Reafan uses up almost no extra magic when utilized, unlike several other attacks that Erie has in her arsenal.
  • Raven Spear: Landeythan (カラスの槍:ランデイサン, Karasu no Yari: Randeisan)- A somewhat rarer to see spell due to Erie's preference towards the use of the sword, Landeythan is a much more ornate construct than Valravn, though due to this it takes much more time to make. Landeythan takes the form of a large spear, with a long and thin shaft that she uses in order to wield it, the length giving it not only a decent amount of range but also allows her to twirl it and move it around with an incredible amount of speed and skill. The shaft eventually leads up to the end of the spear itself, which is in the shape of what can only be described as a slightly rounded and spread out spade, with all of the sides being heavily edged, and the edged sections slooping down slightly into a more concentrated line from the two 'faces', with the edged sections also being a slightly darker shade than the faces themsevles. The faces are a very dark grey color that are covered with a variety of white/purple-colored inscriptions and patterns (though they seem to have no real meaning and are often considered merely decoration). In addition, the very end of the shaft appears to have a small, rose/vine-esque design (also apparently for stylistic purposes). The spear itself is very powerful in terms of overall strength, being able to parry the likes of sword strikes with the shaft alone, and the spearhead is incredibly sharp, with a cutting power that rivals even her main offensive weapon, Valravn. However, Erie generally seems to refrain from using Landeythan in day-to-day incidents, for two main reasons. The first is her own inexperience with the use of a spear, and the general comparative unhandiness of it when compared to her traditional sword. Landeythan also doesn't have much in the way of ranged attacks, outside of actually throwing the spear at the opponent (which at full strength can make it go quite a distance indeed). Erie's main use of the spear is to use it as a diversion of sorts against the opponent while also using it to set up more complex  magic attacks for her to use later in the fight, making the spell something of a rarity to see and a sure sign that she plans to prolong the fight for a decent bit of time.
  • Raven Feather (カラスの羽, Karasu no Hane)- An all-purpose movement and mobility spell, Reaven Feather is also a spell that Erie does not use in any constant rate that could be considered often, due to the amount of magical power that it takes up and the unstability of the spell itself. It consists of Erie generating and releasing a large amount of ravens, much more than several other spells. Once this has been accomplished, the ravens all fly through the air briefly before gathering at an area directly behind Erie's back, and after flying around a bit more still, they coalesce into a single, large black orb with the same faint purple glow that occurs on almost all of her raven-based spells. They remain in this state for a few more milliseconds, preparing themselves, before suddenly exploding outward and taking the form of what appear to be large, person-sized raven wings that have the same overall stylization as the ravens Erie generates normally when using Raven Magic. With these wings, Erie gains limited flight capabilities, but she cannot fly entirely freely, and most of the time her flight depends on the amount of wind blowing in the area and the own momentum that Erie has built up, as when there is little wind she will generally be unable to fly for longer than extremely short bursts, while also relying much more heavily on the momentum she has built up when she actually takes off. This can be altered, however, depending on the magical power she has stored into the ravens in question, which can even grant the wings more strength. There are also other variables effecting their performance, most notably including if Erie is carrying one or more extra people when she takes flight with this spell active.


Morrígan (モリガン, Morigan) is in essence a more physical expansion of the standard usage of Raven Magic. You see, with Raven Magic, the user converts their magical power into ravens and releases them outside their body for a variety of purposes, both offense, defense, and other supplementary style abilities that the user can use in combat or for other purposes. Morrígan, however, involves the user doing some quite different, though technically similar in contrast and execution. With Morrígan, the user once more transmutes their magical power into ravens, but this time, they generally only create one raven with an incredible amount of magical power and contain it within their own body. This leads to the raven having various effects on the user's body itself. The changes are both physical and magical, with physical being in both appearance and overall stats. Depending on which one of the three possible forms that the user can access with this subspecies magic, they gain various features that appear similar to a heavily stylized raven, in a similar manner to the ravens that they actually create. In addition, they acquire incredible physical boosts of varying levels (once more depending on which of the three optional forms that they unlock), which is due to the effects of the raven actually manifesting, essentially allowing the user to route the magical power used to make the raven into their body and limbs in order for them to increase their stats in those areas by an incredible amount (once again, depending on which one of the the three forms that they deign to activate with this magic). In terms of magical boosts, due to having already creating a massive raven with this power they find it easier to create massive amounts of the usual sized ravens, allowing them to generate much more depending on which one of the three forms that they utilize, though it is generally at the very least a decent bit more than when using their usual magic. Due to these advances, the user is capable of fighting at a much higher level than they can in their normal state, though some weaknesses apply that may discourage users from using it. This type of magic is divided into 3 forms, depending on how much of the user's magical power they can convert into the much larger raven at a time, and each one increases their stats by a different amount.

The first is referred to as Badb (バッドブ, Baddobu), and is accessed once the user manages to convert a little more or less than fifteen percent of their magical power into one raven. Once this occurs, feather like structures appear upon the user's cheeks and several other places upon their arms, shoulders, and potentially spiking down from their hairline to somewhere in the middle of their forehead. As with the rest of the magic, once they access this form they are capable of creating a much greater amount of ravens for attacking than they could previously, and are capable of forming constructs from the ravens at a much faster pace than they could in their base state. They also gain a slight physical boost from this first form, increasing their prowess in terms of physical combat as well and making them capable of dealing blows to the opponent with greater speed and damage than they usually will. This form does have weakness however, as the user can only use the remainder of their magical power in order to create the ravens they use to attack or other purposes (though generally attack is the main focus of this and the other three forms), so they can tend to run out of their magical power much faster in exchange for being able to deal more damage and more powerful attacks in a much lesser amount of time. However, if the user desires they can begin utilizing the raven they've created within them in order to increase the amount of time they can use it, however this often leads to the first form decreasing in power the longer that they use it and the magical power is consumed at a much faster rate than if the user chooses not too, as well as the user slowly losing the physical benefits of the form.

The second form, Macha (マチャ, Macha) leads to more physical changes to the user than the first form. The physical changes of the Badb form remain, but the user's eyes also change, becoming more like a bird, and more feather-like formations appear on their body, focusing on their elbows and hands, as well as a bit more on their face. In addition, the user acquires small wings that appear on their back made of the same feathers that adorn the rest of their body. In addition, more feathers seem to fall around them as they use this form (and in fact smaller ravens made from this transformation can appear from those, and the feathers themselves can be used to create the constructs much faster than simply using the already faster created ravens that the second form provides). This form can be accessed if the user succeeds in converting twenty-five to fifty percent of their magical power into one massive raven, and like the first form, it increases their magical and physical capabilities by an even greater amount than the first could do. In terms of the physical enhancements, the user is now fully capable of performing physical feats that they could only do with all their power in their base state, and also become much faster and are therefore capable of dealing much greater amounts of damage with physical blows alone. They can also release much more ravens than before and can even specialize in creating a great deal of much smaller ravens that, while they cannot create exactly as large constructs when used in the same amount as the regular-sized ravens, they can still create constructs with remarkable speed for the user to use. As with the first form, the main weakness is the new lack of magical power for them to use to create the ravens (though the constructs are exceedingly more powerful). They can also utilize the inner raven as extra magical power, though it has the same negative effects as using it while in the Badb form, though slightly more severe than the penalties exercised by the previously mentioned first form.

The third, final, and most powerful form is referred to as Nemain (ネマイン, Nemain), and is acquired by the user converting all of their magical power into a large raven. When this occurs, they undergo a much greater amount of physical change. On top of the physical changes delivered by the first and second forms, the user gains a much greater amount of feathers all over their body, as well as their eyes becoming fully like a bird's (despite being rumored that in this state they gain a bird's incredible vision, this has not been confirmed). In addition, they now have fully functional wings that seem attached to them (due to them being attached to the inner raven that the user's magical power has been activated). Their physical strength is incredibly increased, with the user becoming much, much stronger than they were in their base form and their magical power increases further as well. In addition, due to the increase of wings they can move much faster and even fly for brief periods of time (though this is not entirely a benefit, as explained a small bit later), granting them a much greater amount of mobility than they had previously. However, despite the truly incredible bonuses that this form grants the user, it comes with a large amount of crippling weaknesses. This is mostly due to all of the user's magical power being converted into a raven, meaning that they immediately begin using the raven itself as a form of power. Due to this, they run out of magical power much faster while in this form, and once the raven is completely used up and vanishes, the user is left with next to no magical power, rendering them next to incapable of fighting after this form is deactivated (though this can be worked around by rapidly deactivating the form once it is activated and dealing damage while it is actually active). Therefore, a user is usually cautioned to use it only briefly, or when they are truly desperate and desire to win at all costs, no matter what happens to them afterwards. It is considered a last-ditch effort, the user throwing all that they have at the opponent in exchange for being totally unable to fight once they dealt the incredible amount of damage that this form has the potential to deliver.

All in all, these forms can make the user quite a formidable opponent in a fight, though they come with a variety of weaknesses that can even cripple the user if the most powerful forms are used. However, if the user is willing to deal with these downsides, they can become a fearsome combatant indeed.




  • Erie's appearance is based off of the character of Blake Belladonna from the online webseries RWBY.