Fairy Tail: Rising Sun (フェアリーテイル・旭日, Fearī Teiru: Kyokujitsu; romanized as FAIRY TAIL: NEW DAWN) is a spin-off series written by Hohenheim of Light which focuses on the tale of Mūna Kan'on a young and passionate wandering Mage seeking the "ultimate magic" and the Dark Mage with a mysterious past, Venom. The series takes place in the year X776, predating the canon.


Mūna Kan'on, a young Mage aspiring to find the "ultimate magic" sets out into the world of Fiore and discovers what lies beneath the colorful canvas of the world he once knew. Facing the threat of Dark Guilds, corrupt Magi and worst of all, the Magic Council; Mūna begins to see what the world truly is. Despite witnessing the darkness first hand, Mūna believes that there is a lighter side to the world and believes he will find it in the "ultimate magic" as it could shed some purity onto the world.

Searching for the ultimate magic brings unwanted attention, namely the Dark Mage that Mūna has named Venom. Venom seeks the power of Mūna for his own nefarious plots, creating obstacles and serving as the primary antagonist to the young Mage.

Main Characters

Primary Protagonists

Primary Antagonists

Neutral parties

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