Magic Council

Let's get things a little more organized.

This article is for any and all deletion requests that users have for the admins.

As per the title, this page is for all deletion requests. Users that wish to request a deletion of any article, from normal character articles to images, only need to place it here under the appropiate section. After that, any admin will be able to take care of the posted requests. Please place your signature after the page link and keep in mind that you can only request the deletion of your own articles/images/videos or ones that you share with another user. Deletion requests will be handled on the admin's schedule, not the user's.

Page Usage Example

  • [[Insert Article Title]], ~~~.
Key: The four ">~<nowiki~~~</nowiki>" signify your signature placement.

Character Articles

Any and all character pages that you wish to have deleted by an admin.

Adara Illivinea Klutzii Sol Akemi HoloArc (talk), Ada Huntsmen Avater13 (talk), Jinaflora Lyle Avater13 (talk), Luke Keyes Samah (OSWT) (A human. being) Kirari Fey, Takaki Matsuyama, Dave Joestar, Dan Joestar, Edel, Fenix Fumetsu, Tsubaki Amamiya, Ami Kotobuki, Kasumi, Mayu Kitagawa, Izumo Mizutani ScatteredHope (talk)Melodia

Magic Articles

Any magic-related articles are to be placed here. Whether it's a general article for the magic or a spell article, put it here.

Rainbow Ice Avater13 (talk), Plastic-Make Avater13 (talk)

Miscellaneous Articles

Guilds, groups, story chapters, storyline pages, weapons, species articles, vehicles, countries, etc all go here. If it does not suit the criteria of the other sections, it goes here. Just put it here.

Drunken Brawl NearóNearó.Don&#039;tMindMe3 20:07, May 26, 2017 (UTC), Black Phoenix Avater13 (talk), Fairy Tail: Black Phoenix Gaiden Avater13 (talk), Birth of Black Phoenix Arc Avater13 (talk) Black Cherry ScatteredHope (talk)

User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Miscellaneous, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Organizations, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Magical Stuff, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/A Thousand Days, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Characters, Magics and Guilds, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Misc, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Templates, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Items, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Guilds, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Image Gallery, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Fairy Tail: Parallel, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Supernaturals, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/To-Do List, User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Storylines,User:QueenOfSwordsandStars/Sandbox, ~Liza(Queen of Swords and Stars)

Images and GIFs

Any images and GIFs go here. If you're not sure, yes, GIFs are those moving images you see used around here.

Great Achlus (talk) 03:31, June 7, 2017 (UTC)

Samah (OSWT) (A human. being)


Kuro cat

Video Content

Any uploaded videos that you wish to be deleted are to go here.

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