Name Fantasma
Kanji ファンタズム
Rōmaji Fantazumu
Race Demon
Eyes purple
Hair black
Professional Status
Affiliation Arkaeus,The Church of Darkness (through Arkaeus)
Personal Status
Magic Darkness Magic

Fantasma is a Living Magic spell of unknown origin which was released from an ancient seal and allowed to possess Arkaeus' body in order for him to gain access to its abilities.


Fantasma is very ancient. Centuries ago, Fantasma ran amok throughout the continent, however it was eventually stopped by a group of powerful mages known as the Anemyl. The Anemyl then separated Fantasma into several pieces which were then sealed away in different places throughout the continent. The Fantasma Core containing Fantasma's base powers and consciousness were sealed in the village that was home to Marco, Cue, and Arkaeus.

Many years passed with the Fantasma Core biding its time awaiting one who could release it. As the seal weakened Fantasma began speaking telepathically to a boy, unhappy with the world. A boy named Arkaeus. Fantasma told Arkaeus what it was and offered a partnership. In exchange for breaking the seal from the outside, Fantasma would become Arkaeus' sword with which he could create a new world. Arkaeus agreed, and then that night with Fantasma's guidance, found the seal and while Marco was away, released Fantasma from its imprisonment.

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