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Steel Skin
Ferrum Eques

ぺいらむ えくえす




Vilmos Anzai

Ferrum Eques (ぺいらむ えくえす Pe-ramu Ekuesu) is a Caster-type magic that allows the user to morph their skin to be more durable then steel. With said magic, the threat of sword mages is negated save for the elite level ones. Though there is one major requirement to use this magic, one must have at least intermediate mastery over Earth Magic.


With Ferrum Eques, the user can morph their bodies to be harder then steel. The skin takes a metal-like appearance in the process. Essentially, it is like a skin tight suit of magically enhanced armor. The overall hardness depends on both the user's skill level and raw magical power. Also, the user can morph whatever part of their body that they desire-- either just their arm or their whole body. The transformation can changed small characteristics of one's appearance, such giving the user very oversized canines. But that varies with the users. Of course, this defense is not absolute. If hit by powerful enough magic, a skilled enough sword mage, or great enough brute strength, it can crack and the user will feel pain like any other person.


In order to use Ferrum Eques, the user must have notable mastery over Earth Magic, as it derives from the aforementioned; those skills are needed to use Ferrum Eques efficiently and effectively.



  • Ferrum Eques is Latin; literally translates to "Iron Knight" in English.
  • For those who have noticed and those who have not. Yes. this magic is inspired by abilties like Earth Release: Earth Spear used by Kakuzu in Naruto and Greed's Ultimate Shield form in Fullmetal Alchemist.

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