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Fiore Royal Military



Fiore Roiyaru Miritari


Raimo Vista

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The complete protection of the Kingdom of Fiore.

"Always remember that mercy must always accompany justice!"
— Raimo Vista

The Fiore Royal Military(フィオーレロイヤルミリタリー Fiore Roiyaru Miritari) is an extremely powerful military force that protects the Kingdom of Fiore. It is split into four Branches, each with its' own duties. It is lead by the Supreme Commander and the supporting four Commanders. One of its' branches, the Army was introduced early in the Fairy Tail series. The Military has been lead by the House of Vista for nearly 275 years. Their main base known simply as "HQ" is situated in Northern Fiore. For the last few years they have not been very active in the Guild world, but have now decided to move and are ready to face anyone who breaks the law.


The duty of the Fiore Royal Military is to maintain a law and order throughout the nation and impose the will of the Kingdom of Fiore. They are therefore considered the key strategic development force in the Kingdom of Fiore and are expected to obey its orders at will. The Military ,like any other is set into ranks. It must be noted that Supreme Commander and Commander ranks do not belong single branch but over see the whole Military, they are also expected to lead the Military into war when the time calls. The military makes it their duty to carry out justice as they can and are not obligated to the commands of the Magic Council.

Rank System

Commissioned Officers

Exclusive Rank

  • Strategist (軍師 Gunshi)
570px-Fiore Army

Fiore Royal Military foot soldiers


  • Major (少佐 Shousa)
  • Master Chief Sergeant (曹長 Souchou)
  • Chief Sergeant (軍曹 Gunsou)
  • Lieutenant (空佐 Kuusa)
  • Private (海曹 Kaisou)

Military Members

Name Rank Status
Raimo VistaSupreme CommanderActive
Franz KainuCommanderActive
John GiottoCommanderActive
Oros RichardsCommanderActive
Xena DanielsCommanderActive
Charles HieGeneralActive
Milena RichardsGeneralActive
Takeshi YukioGeneralActive
Alia TsubaCaptainActive
Azuki IsshiCaptainActive
Drake VistaCaptainActive
Elbert NewgateCaptainActive
Jin TerumiCaptainActive
Megan KaisekiCaptainActive
Richard BuchananCaptainActive
Tatsu XCaptainActive
Iker DaiHead of ResearchActive
Tina AmakusaStrategistActive

The Four Branches

The Four Great Branches of the Fiore Royal Military help protect Fiore and crush dangers to Society. Each branch has its' own duties and is lead by a General whose right hand is the Captain. All 4 branches attend the same basic training at the esteemed Academy of the Military.



Royal Guard

Covert Special Task Force

Fiore Military HQ



Fiore Military HQ or commonly known as HQ is the heart of the Military, this is where the Supreme Commander and the 4 Commanders work. It is known for its' beauty but also as a symbol of unyielding justice. Here is where many important meeting takes place and where many ceremonies are. It is guarded by a magical barrier that is said to have been set up over 100 years ago.


Main Article: Fiore Regal Academy of the Combat Arts

Fiore Military Academy

The Fiore Regal Academy of the Combat Arts

All those who join the Military must go to the esteemed academy that churns out the best mage soldiers around. The Fiore Regal Academy of the Combat Arts is where all the training happens, also while here the trainees get a good education. The full course can be about 4 years for those who come to the military at 16, to properly train and educate them. All Branches come here for basic weapons, strength and speed training along with advanced magic training. Many high ranking officers when they do not have a job to do, teach here on occasion.


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  • Most officers with the rank of General and above can use flight magic.
  • Many soldiers remark the military cannot remember the last time their Supreme Commander was not a Vista.

Behind the scenes

The main inspiration in the making of this was the Marines in the manga One Piece. There are similarities between the two, but this article was written by the creator himself . Also there is a bit of a Bleach influence as well. So if if any of you readers see these similarities, be assured there was inspiration from these series.


Commissioned Officers
Supreme Commander: Soran VistaNeyo VistaRaimo Vista
Commander: Oros RichardsJohn GiottoFranz KainuXena DanielsOden Tenshi
General: YotsukiMilena RichardsCharles Hie
Captain: Alia Tsuba
Affiliated forces
Covert Special Task Force: Sōryū JunkoAyame HibikiShuren HakumenKanzaki
Royal Guard: Iren Warldov
Individuals: Kai VistaTina Amakusa
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