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Flame of Rebuke



Toga no Honō

Parent Magic

Fire Magic


Jellal Fernandes
Raziel Lux Narchis

Flame of Rebuke (咎の炎, Toga no Honō) is a specialized Fire Magic spell that is extremely rare, and also highly powerful; creating golden flames.


When unleashing the Flame of Rebuke, the user raises the motion of a target's eternano through telekinesis in order to ignite it; adding in their own magical power in order to cause the generated flames to take upon a golden colouration. These flames are highly versatile, and upon contact with normal beings, the flames suddenly become alive, so to speak, and latch onto them, sucking up their energy which allows the fire to intensify; and the user can shape the flames into numerous structures in order to attack. These flames are unable to be extinguished nor are they able to be taken control of by a secondary-source; they move and burn according to the will of the user. The flames act completely separately to regular flames, and pursue an enemy relentlessly with great speed, accuracy and strength. They are also hard to douse, as they continue burning even when struck with a large amount of water. When faced with opposing fire spells, the flames consume them in order to boost their strength and quantity. What is interesting to note is that the golden flames known as the Flame of Rebuke are said to be as powerful as the Magic Satellite: Etherion, something that was revealed later on with another magician harnessing their power. The Flame of Rebuke, while simultaneously leeching magical energy from the opponent upon contact, also pulverizes them viciously, leaving them with the feeling as if they had been hit by Etherion point-blank, as the flames destroy anything that they touch in a wide sphere-esque formation, literally tearing holes in anything that the flames come into contact with. However, as a drawback to this immensely powerful spell, the Flame of Rebuke sucks up virtually all of the user's magical power, meaning that it should be advised that they are used as a last-resort against powerful enemies. Last, but not least, if a Slayer Magic who practices fire consumes the Flame of Rebuke, they will immediately enter their respective "Force", as they will become supercharged with magical energy and stamina.


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