Forbidden Requip



Kinji Kansō


Caster Magic
Forbidden Magic



Forbidden Requip (禁じ換装 Kinji Kansō) is a forbidden Caster Magic utilized by Rafal. Although it is a fom of Requip; a Holder Magic it's abilities are more suited for the Caster Magic category.


This magic allows the user to steal the powers of other mages in a manner similar to how a Requip mage stores weapons or armor in a pocket dimension. It allows the user to seal the bodies of other mages in a pocket dimension usually of the user's own creation and then draw forth the power of these sealed mages in order to utilise their abilities. The mages that are to be sealed must be significantly weakened as the process can take a long time. Once sealed, however strong the mages were in life, they are for all intents and purposes 'dead' and only exist to be used for their magic at the user's leisure.

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