Foxy Knowles
Name Foxy Knowles
Kanji フォクシーノウルズ
Romanji Foxi Noarsu
Race Human
Birthday 4th February
Age 30
Gender Female
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Eyes Green
Hair Red
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Professional Status
Affiliation Covert Special Task Force
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Occupation Spy
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Magic Memory Control
Sleep Magic
Speed Magic

Foxy Knowles is a powerful spy for the Covert Special Task Force and is commonly partnered with Rika Karisha .




Magic and Abilities

Foxy doesn't have a particular strategy like her partner but does aid in her stealth by using memory control in conjunction with sleep magic which is used to masquerade as members of the Honeybee Guild . She will first put the enemy to sleep then alter there sleeping body's memories, then using speed magic to flee the scene.


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