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Frost God Slayer Magic
Frost God Slayer Magic

霜の 滅神魔導士


Caster Magic
Lost Magic


Neige Hyougaki
Drake Vista

Frost God Slayer Magic (霜の 滅神魔導士 Shimo no Metsujin Mahō) is a Caster Type magic, Lost Magic and a type of God Slayer magic used by Neige Hyougaki. It is unknown how Neige came across this magic.


Frost God Slayer Magic allows the user to incorporate the element of ice into the user's body. The user is also able to consume ice of any sort to replenish their strength. The ice used by this magic has a high amount of destructive capability, and they are also known for durability. Even against God Slayer flames, they do not melt easily.

Basic Spells

  • Frost God's Bellow (霜 神の怒号 Shimojin no Dogō): A God Slayer's equivalent to a breath attack, Neige will release a massive wave of pure white ice from her mouth, enveloping her foe and freezing them in a container of ice.
  • Frost God's Kiss (霜 神の接吻 Shimojin no Seppun): A physical contact spell used by Neige. When she kisses the opponent, she can channel ice into their bodies, freezing them from the inside.
  • Frost God's Messenger (霜 神の使者 Shimojin no Shisha): A spell where Neige can create small creatures of ice, similar to Dynamic Ice Make, and imbue them with her thoughts to carry messages to other people.
  • Frost God's Kancho (霜 神の浣腸 Shimojin no Kancho): A joke spell used by Neige, where she performs what is actually merely a simple kancho augmented by her strength to send the foe flying. The "point of impact" is often mentioned as being ice cold for several days later.
  • Frost God's Sword (霜 神の刀 Shimojin no Katana): When Neige get's serious, she can form a blade of pure, indestructible ice, the blade having a white hilt and tsuba as well as blade with the tsuba becomes a hollow snowflake-like circle.

Advanced Spells

  • Yuki Onna (雪女 Snow Woman): Release magical energy into the air, Neige is capable of creating a powerful blizzard that obscures the sight of her opponents. While inside the domain of the blizzard, when she moves, afterimages appear to form, as if there are many of her, confusing the opponent. She thinks of this like hide-and-seek, where if the opponent can find the real her, she'll let the blizzard down. If she gets to them first, she attacks.
  • Rice Cake Bomb (餅爆弾 Mochi Bakudan): Neige creates several large sphere of ice, filling them with sticky mochi, before loosing them on her opponent. While airborne, they will explode, raining mochi down in blobs. While seen as a prank, this is fairly useful in impeding a pursuer's progress. However, she can also leave out the mochi, filling it with magical energy to create a fairly powerful explosion.

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