The Meeting

"What do you suppose we do, Siegrain ?" asked Ultear "I don't know, I suppose we have to fight back by sending the .... Rune Knights to remove them from their building." Siegrain replied when......

BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the door went. YO! screamed Nan and all of the council members quickly disappeared in a flash of blue light. Nan smiled and said "huh, just as the master said, now the batte begins" and clicked his fingers and he disappeared in a flash of white light.

It Begins

In a building in west Magnolia Third Seat Micherllo has just became aware of what his thought projection had just seen and then a mysterious yellow hole opened up in mid air and out came three mages: Seirei Hanabira, Shi-Shi and Sora Haruka of the Quatro Cerberus Guild . "Well hello young ones, to whom doI owe the pleasure?" asked Michello Sora replied "mages of the Quatro Cerberus Guild." Michello simply replied "Aaah fine give me your best shot!"

Sora screamed "Energy Ropes!"while creating a pink magic circle in front of her staff and shoots pink energy ropes at him wrapping around him, binding him in place. He simply broke frree of them when Sora yelled "No that's impossible, how can he break them so easily?!" "Now, Paw Cannon!" Screamed Michello relasing a line of paw shaped bubbles at Sora when suddenly her eye turned pink with a flower design on it and it turned the bubbles into ice and the fell to the ground smashing.

Michello thought to himself "the solid eye magic possesed by such a young wizard, how lovely.Michello disappeared and reappeared above her and screamed "Hammer Smash" creating a yellow magic circle under his walking stick making it grow huge and he smashed down on them. "Huuh??" he asked rhetorically. "Ribbon: Shield" Shi-Shi screamed, making her ribbons strech around her and sora and it forms a pink ribbon barrier repelling Michello backwards.

To be Continued..........

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