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Gōngjī the Rooser
Name Gōngjī the Rooser
Kanji 公鸡
Race Aeon Spirit
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Eyes Pink/Red
Hair Pink
Unusual Features Has Wings
Professional Status
Affiliation Aeon Spirits
Conway Blackwood (unofficially)
Partner Conway Blackwood (unofficially)
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias The Rooster
Guardian Angel
Magic Origin Solar Magic

Gōngjī is the Rooster Aeon Spirit, and therefore the 10th Jade Key. Her key is currently in possession of Conway Blackwood.


Her appearance is that of a teenage girl with red-pink eyes, pink hair in two braids on either side of her head and pinkish white wings on her back. She wears what looks like a nurse's outfit and carries a clipboard.


Gōngjī is perceptive, straighforward and an attention hog, but since Conway doesn't, or can't, summon her she has contented herself with being a lucky charm for him until he comes across a mage who can properly use her strengths. Until then she will loyaly protect him telling herself that it's to protect her key.


Not much is known about her history or any previous owners, if there were any. Conway simply found her key moments before his home and family were attacked by an Assassin Guild and since he was the only survivor he assumed the key to be a good luck charm and kept it. And some people who have fought Conway thought they saw the figure of a pink haired girl with wings before feeling excruciating pain not caused by Conway. She has also secretly saved his life on a few different occasions. Clients of Conway who have seen her call her his 'Guardian Angel' upon seeing the wings and believe her to be an angel.

Magic & Abilities

Origin Solar Magic

Origin Solar Magic focuses on using the sun's power to heal physical wounds or to cause physical problems. It wasn't ever really successfully copied by the humans but the Sky Dragon Grandeeny and Sky Dragon Slayers were able to create something similar.

Origin Healing: Gōngjī is capable of healing very serious physical wounds that would otherwise prove fatal. However if the person has died she is unable to do anything about it and mental or emotion wounds are unaffected by the magic even at her Time of Power.

Origin Curse: Gōngjī can cause minor to near fatal wounds to her opponent and leave them to suffer. She cannont actual kill her opponents immediately but she can make them suffer until the cumulation of the wounds do.

Animal Form: Her animal form is that of a Hen.

Time of Power: 5 pm to 7 pm. Gōngjī's magical powers are boosted immensley.


  • Though in the Chinese Zodiac the 10th spot is the Rooster, a male Chicken, Gōngjī is clearly female

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