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Gabrielle Fairchild
Name Gabrielle Fairchild
Race Human
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 5 3"
Weight 104lbs
Eyes Steel
Hair Pale Blue
Blood Type AB-
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue Rose Guild
Previous Affiliation Several Magic Schools
Occupation Guildmaster
Previous Occupation Student
Partner Jiro Ardena and Peter Voltamp
Base of Operations Guild Headquarters
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Marital Status Single
Alias Wild Blue Rose Of Fiore
Magic Plant Magic

Light Magic Requip Ice Magic

CHARACTER OUTLINE: Gabrielle Fairchild, also known as the "Wild Blue Rose Of Fiore", is the young Guild Master of the Blue Rose Guild in Fiore. She comes from a small town on another continent. Not much is known about her past because she doesn't like to speak about it. She is gifted with a naturally large amount of magic. What is known of her past is that she has trained under many master mages throughout her homeland and Fiore. Her raw talent far exceeded any one of ther immaginations. She is a very powerful mage but she still acts immature.

APPEARANCE: Gabrielle is thought to be a good looking woman in the eyes of many men, which is most likely why they let her get away with acting so childish. She has long pale blue hair and eyes that match. She very much enjoys dressing up in intracate outfits and showing them off to the people of her guild. When she is relaxing she tends to wear less extravigant clothing in favor of dresses you see above.

HISTORY: Not many people know of Gabrielle's past save for the select few closest to her like Jiro Ardena and Peter Voltamp. What is known of her past is that she came from another continent than Fiore. She came to Fiore as a young girl and studied Magic from several masters to learn how to control the vast power within herself.

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