Golden Lion
Name Golden Lion
Kanji 金色獅子
Rōmaji Gōruden Raion
Symbol Guild3
Master Harmine Rust
S-Class Mages Harmine Rust
Type Legal Guild
Location Seven

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The Golden Lion Guild (ゴールデンライオン Gōruden Raion 金色獅子) is a Legal Guild.



Golden Lion's Guild

The Golden Lion Guild is located in Seven, near the Kingdom of Fiore. It was built on the mountains, being a tall building carved from the rock of the mountains, making it hard to find, both by its appearance but its location too. Few go the the Valley of the Lion Mane (獅子の鬣の谷 Shishinotategami no Tani).



To be continued...


Name Rank Team Status
Harmine Rust3rd Guild MasterNoneActive

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