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Grand Almanac

グランド アルマナック


Holder Magic


Akari Shengsun

Grand Almanac (グランド アルマナック, Gurando Arumanakku): is a Holder Magic used by S-Class mage of the Watcher Eye Guild, Akari Shengsun.


Grand Almanac is a magic which is very similar to Celestial Spirit Magic, in that the caster summons powerful spirits through numerous tattoos over their body instead of keys. These spirits are also more poerful and require an incantation to be summoned. The caster can also merge with the spirits to gain more power.


  • Summon Grand Spirits: The user can summon various grand spirits from another dimension by using special tattoos on their body. These spirits are more suited for battle and can even utilise or give magic to their owners.
  • Odin (オーディン, Ōdin): Odin appears as a gigantic horned knight wearing a white cape and wielding a large double sided sword in one hand, with a massive shield in his other hand. When summoned Odin allows Akari to use low-level lightning magic, which she can use to easily disable her opponent's nervous system immobilizing them allowing Odin to move in and defeat them. Odin himself is also able to transform his body into lightning to travel across the battlefield at great speeds and his shield is able to project an almost impenetrable wall in front of himself.
  • Incantation: Let your arrival be heralded by lightning. Come forth, warrior of virtue. A pact of truth, your bond eternal and unyeilding. ODIN!!!

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