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Guardian's flight color
Guardian's Flight




Parent Magic

Flash Raven

Parent Item

Harukaze, Rakuyo


Atrax Noctua

Guardian's Flight (保護者の助け Hogoshanotasuke) is a Flash Raven spell utilized by Atrax Noctua.


The spell slows down the motion of everything from Atrax's perspective, allowing him to move at dazzling speeds. Atrax quickly speeds past his opponent, often to their surprise, as they most often do not see Atrax's move. During that motion, Atrax slashes his opponent with either Harukaze or Rakuyo, leaving golden streaks in the attack's pattern. The attack's speed is on such a superior scale that Atrax can make it appear like he never unsheathed his blade. Because of its necessary utilization of swords, Guardian's Flight can also be considered a Sword Magic spell.

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