The Little Blossom
290px-Yachiru 246
Name Hana Kojibiashi
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Race House
Birthday November 28th
Age 7
Gender Female
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Eyes Magenta
Hair Pink
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Professional Status
Affiliation Kojibiashi House
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Occupation Wandering Mage
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Alias The Little Blossom
Magic Petal Sword Style, Love Magic, Sakura Yoroi Magic

Hana Kojibiashi is a wandering mage and member of the noble faily of Kojibiashi . She currently travels throughout Earthland with her faithful group of travelling companions. She is a major character in the Angels without Wings Storyline.


Her apearance is very in most cases cute, adorable snd innocent. She has pink hair, a darker shade of pink eyes and also has a perpetual blush on her cheeks. She wears a black robe with a white one under it, straw sandals and a white sash. She also carries a katana around with her.


She is basically like a child in most aspects as she is small, cheerful, energetic and carefree most if not all of the time. She is usually seen with her best friend, sister traveling companion Valliere Kojibiashi She also seems to hate getting lost even though she does it enough times as she has absoulutely no sense of direction. She is also an extremely intimidating person at times such as when insulted and will usuall attack the eem in a child like manner such as slapping, kicking and punching.

She is also quite mischevous as she uses her skills of infiltration to go off and play pranks around her fffamily's huge mansion.


Searching for the Flower, The Power of Valliere


Katana: She also possesses a katana which is kept in a purple scabbard with wheels at the bottom which she uses to move around with a loose cord. The handle is pink and the tsuba is shaped like a flower with five petals. She also uses this sword in conjunction with her magic.

190px-Yachiru Sword

Magic and Abilities

She is a strangely powerful mage who is capable of fending off low S-Class mages with some effort despite her age and appearance.

Petal Sword Style : This magic is utilized through her sword and it allows her to release petals from the blade when it is unsheathed and she can form numerous attacks with these petals such as drills, shields and even create a blizzard of petals.

Love Magic : She uses a form of love magic which involves her making the foe infatuated with her and think that she is so adorable ad cute that they will not attack.

Sakura Yoroi Magic : This magic allows Hana to surround herself in a pink magical aura which drastically enhances all of her physical capabilities, other magic and allows her to shape this aura into an angry cat face mainly to scare foes but it can be used for offensive purposes.


  • Her appearance and personality is largely based on Yachiru Kusajishi from the anime and manga series Bleach.
  • Her Sword Magic is also based on Yachiru's crush on Byakuya Kuchiki also from Bleach.

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