Hana Myooh
Name Hana Myooh
Kanji ハナ明王
Romanji Hana Myōō
Race Human
Birthday 12th May
Age 39
Gender Female
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Eyes Brown
Hair Red
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Professional Status
Affiliation Covert Special Task Force
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Occupation Head of Research
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Education Advanced
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Magic Flower Magic
Barrier Magic
Healing Magic

Hana Myooh is a major antagonist in the story Fairy Tail: Golden Hive and is the Head of Research of the Covert Special Task Force .




Magic and Abilities

By far amongst the most cunning, intellectual and powerful mages of the military who has command over hundreds of subordinates. She is a powerful healer being able to even magically repair broken tissue but her main magics are barrier magic and flower magic which she (similarly to Rika) places barriers around the enemy and then rips them to shreds, or dissolves them with petals and flowers.