The Eldest Sister
Name Haru Kojibiashi
Kanji {{{kanji}}}
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Race Human
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Age 23
Gender Female
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Eyes Purple
Hair Pink
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Professional Status
Affiliation Kojibiashi Family/Haru's Group
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Occupation Wandering Mage
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Team Haru's Group
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Personal Status
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Alias The Eldest Sister
Magic Whisker Beam Magic

Haru is the eldest sister of Renge , Hana and Valliere Kojibiashi . She is known as the Eldest Sister because of this.


Like her Sisters she has bright pink hair and purple eyes. She wears a large black hat which resembles a mouse complete with pink eyes, ears, a nose and whiskers. She wears a strange cloak embellished with white and black stripes around her upper chest and neck and has the same cloak portions from her waist down and from her upper arms to her wrists. She also has a strange tatoo around her belly button which resembles mouse whickers.


She is depicted as the lving big sister who takes care of all of her siblings and friends, especially Rege who is discriminated for being the only male child in the family. She is also very kind and calms down the group whe arguing or upset. She is also very responsible as she cooks and gathers firewood for the group along with Renge. She hates seeing people wear make up and loves cheese.


The Group is Formed, Carnage in the Forest

Magic and Abilities

As the eldest child of the Kobijiashi family she holds a tremendous amount of skill and magical ability.

Whisker Beam Magic : This magic allows her to produce long beams of concentrated pink energy from her fringers which resemble whiskers. They can also be produced on other surfaces if she wishes.


  • Her appearance and magic is based on the Mizune family from Soul Eater

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