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Rosa Fortuna

The Heart Cheer Fairy is one of Rosa Fortuna's outfits.


This outfit changes Rosa's appearance into that of a pink-clad cheereader. She wears her hair in a ponytail on her left side and her pink cross hairclip changes into a red heart. On her head she gains a white visor with the screen facing her right side.

Rosa Requipping Heart Cheer Fairy

She also wears a long red ribbon around her neck and runs down to her legs, frilly arm braces just below her sholders and a pink, pleated skirt with a form fitting, pink top. On her waist and above her skirt she has a red ribbon with several lucky charms on her hip which are tied with a bow. Then onto her footwear, she wears pink legwarmers which go upto her kneecaps. And she also wears white skates decorated with a pink stripe and white wings on each side.

Special Features

  • Flight: By creating energy wings out of the wings on her skates, she can fly high in the air for a short period of time.
  • Cheerleading Weapons: She can also requip other magical weapons that are based on cheerleading items.
  • Team Spirit Elevation: She can also raise team spirit and positive emoption by cheering.



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