"I can't protect myself from your ignorancy."
Heleen Urdh

Heleen Urdh

the Pillar of the Sad Metal

Name Heleen Urdh

the Pillar of the Sad Metal

Race Human
Birthday May 4th
Age 28
Gender Female Female
Eyes Gray
Hair White
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation Pillars of Balance
Occupation Assasin
Base of Operations Pillars of Balance
Personal Status
Alias the Sad Fortress
Magic Energy Conduct, Metal Body, Titan Magic, Pillar Deity
Weapons Baihu

Heleen Urdh is a member of the Pillars of Ballance. She is very good in defensive magics and lance combat. Being the "Wall" of the group, and the "coldheart" person, she is able to fight and kill without problem.


Heleen's most defining personality trait is her incredible willpower, even being sad, as shown when she is able to maintain her mind in great stage, even after her body had fully transformed. Other prominent characteristics are her strict, no-nonsense discipline and extreme sadness; she strongly believes that all debts must be fulfilled and is willing to sacrifice her own life in order to save an ally. Heleen also carries herself in a formal and dignified manner, including when interacting with other mages.




Baihu: Her weapon is named as the Chinese White Tiger, that represent the Metal Element. Baihu is a type of lance that in the ene consist in a strange "axe" shape, making very heavy and incredible blows.

Magic and Abilities

Energy Conduct: It allows users to absorb any type of energy, like thermal, eletric, and kinetic energy to charge her magic and return in a powerful way. This magic makes Heleen invencible from energetic magics.

Metal Body: She can transform her entiry body into a mysterious and hard metallic substance that increase Heleen's strenght and endurance. Her blows are powerful enough to create craters. But her power is only concentred in a particular area, do do minimal damage to the surrouding environment.

Titan Magic: When activated, the Heleen's body (or parts of their body) literally grow to gigantic sizes. She never used it to the limit, but is supposed to head the stars. It also allows her to stretch limbs, increasing Heleen's overall strength as well. Along with strength, Titan Magic has been known to increase the durability.

Lance Master: Heleen is so powerful when using her lance that can slice even huge buildings in few blows and cuts. The damage is always charged in a simple point of focus and all her strenght is used in that, making deadly attacks. She can swing in a light-speed moviment, making almos invisible, and this technique is called "the Phantom Tiger".


Pillar Deity: Like the others members, Heleen possesses a Deity. It's activeted when she is near to die, or in extreme danger. When evoked, the Pillar appears like a ghost image above her head, then it opens the shell, and absorv everything into a small black hole on the stinger. Opening his claw, he siphons the energy into his palm, and then launches the resultant ball. It flies beyond the enemy and detonates at the horizon of the enemies, sweeping outward and damaging the enemy and nothing more with a crushing gravity.

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