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The Hell Tournament Arc is the second major arc of Chronicles of a Mage. It centers around the events of the most recent Pergrande Tournament, or better known as the Hell Tournament.


A few months have passed since the fall of Olympic Code, all is well. But soon, in a small town, Sanjo is met by a mysterious messenger; is coerced into participating in a age old mage tournament, the Pergrande Tournament, or better known as the Hell Tournanment. Coincidently, Richard Aria and Lana Kaen seek out Sanjo, both who later willfully join Sanjo compete in this tournament(and by extension, later confront the tournament committee). Wary of the committee, they set off for the Pergrande Kingdom. Just when life was boring, they have been thrust into another situation, of which they don't know the full magnintude; fate shall play its' hand once more.



Major Characters



  • The arc and tournament end abruptly when Team Vista recieves a message that "Fiore is in trouble".

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