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High Speed
aka God's Leg

神足 (ハイスピード)


Hai Supīdo


Caster Magic


Zan Suzaku
Magnus Octavian
Handy Romanov
Alessandro Barbossa
Dante Royard
Elsira Finola
Leo Hajime
Ehecatl Tonauac
Nami Kaze
Samarra Inari
Aubrey Hart
Kaede Atsugawa
Sheriff Obie

High Speed [God Leg] (神足 [神足] Hai Supīdo [Kotari]) is a Caster Magic primarily ustilised by various mage.


It is a type of Caster Magic that allows the caster to move at extremely fast speeds. However, despite the Magic's properties which is to increase the caster's speed, the Magic apparently cannot defend against any Magic used to intentionally slow the caster down.

When used in combat, High Speed can be very efficient as it increases the caster's moving pace to one high enough where simple melee attacks can have great power.


Jet's Spells

  • Falcon Heavenward: Jet uses his speed to rush to his opponent and lands a powerful kick. This attack can send opponents flying as seen when he used this on Gajeel.

Jurei's Spells

  • Phantom Image: Jurei bursts foward at high speeds leaving an "afterimage" that is appears like she is running at normal speeds. This often surprises the opponent as they don't expect it to be an illusion. 

Zan's Spells

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