It's a beautiful day at the Neptune Guild Headquaters the mages are causing usual and the world is as it should be. Zero one of the strongest mages in the guild is checking the S-Class Job board while having is {C Ramen and Onion Ring combo. One job catches his eye.

"[Mouth full] Hmm this one seems fun....Bodyguard job...ahh easy....ahh well money is money how much we getting?....Holy...?! open to discussion...Score!!!"

Zero then walks over to a table to finish his meal and wait for his teammates to arrive. As he sits down his fiance Liara walks up the stares just getting back from a mission.

"Have fun babe?"

"Yeah i did....bandits are kinda easy to beat didn't even have to use my magic....just summoned my sword and that was it...."

"So much for a B-Rank....Should've got that A-Rank before Pudge did....."

"So what job ya got?"

"S-Ranked...bodyguard price as well"

"Nice...shame i can't go...gotta take over at the bar...."

Just then Zero's teammates walk through the main entrance. Yakan and Chloe walked to Zero and stood next to him "Hi there Zero" Yakan looked at Zero while Chloe was next to him "Dont start fighting you two, We cant afford paying for the damages again" "Arent we the ones who pay for it all the time?" Chloe didnt reply she only punched Yakan in the head "Ouch, Okay ill shut up" Zero chuckles "Well atleast one person can keep you in check Yaki." Zero then holds up the job poster "Check this payment!" Liara gets up kisses Zero on the lips and heads off to the bar. "So i take it you two are up for this S-Rank job?"

"Yes i am would be nice to go on an S-Class mission again, Its been a long time since my last one, What do you thin Yakan?" Yakan didnt reply he only looked gloomy after Liaras kiss to Zero "I feel so lonely in this world" Chloe punched Yakan again "Would you quit it, Were your friends remember? Even if you dont have a girlfriend like Zero" "Okay okay, But im not going on that S-Class." Zero sighs "Yakan you an easy bodyguard job the only reason these are S-Class is cos of the reputation of the client and the fact it's hard to predict who's after the chump...." Zero drink the broth from his bowl and lets out a happy sigh "Now that was some brilliant ramen."

"Just cause im S-Class doesnt mean i have to take touch S-Cla....." Before Yakan could finish his sentence Chloe punched him harder in the head then before "Would you quit being all lame and do something cool for once" Yakan looked at Chloe "Ouch, That was painfull really painfull, And im still not doing this S-Class cause i dont wa...." Yakan stopped his sentence because Chloe looked at him with a scary look, He turned to Zero "So whats the reward?" "From what i know we can discuss it with the client.....I'm just glad it's a decent S-Rank this time...unlike that last one what was obviously a D-Ranked job" Zero smirks as he lets alittle bit of lightning emmit from his eyes.

"Very well then lets get going birdy" "Dont start fighting now, Lets get to the client and get this job over with already" Chloe sighed while Yakan and Zero had lightning between there eyes. The three leave for the town of Imikani and the Horkin Estate to talk with the client Kirigi Horkin. "Welcome to my home mages!" Kirigi smiled as he walked down the staires. "So what ya need?" Zero said with a calm expression, watching Kirigi's movements closely with a hand on his Jian weapon card pouch. "i need you to guard me while i attend a meeting with top members of my building company."

"Meeting are bored, I should know that cause i once had meetings" "How did you have meetings? And about what?" Yakan didnt reply he simply turned to the client "So how longs the meeting?" Chloe looked at Yakan with an angry expression "YOUR JUST GONNA IGNORE ME LIKE THAT?!!!" "I'm not sure my the way who are you and what Guild are you from?" Asked Kirigi "Zero Hoshigakura!" stated Zero proudly letting a bolt of lightning run up his arms into his eyes as he does. "This is Yakan Tsuki and Chloe Tombs...we're Team Moon-Hunter." Kirigi smiles "Ahh excellent! and the meeting will only be two to three days maximum."

Yakan and Chloe stood silent "My meeting might have been a day but......This is ridiculous" "Zero did you know about this?" Yakan took off his hat letting his long black hair fall down, He was looking for something within his hat "Yakan what are you doing?" "Looking for something to pass the time" Yakan pulled from his hat a large book that apeared to have about 100 pages "I might get bored and want to kill time" Chloe looked surprised "Thats a large book, But....From where?" "Ok first things big is that damn hat?....and second is i had no damn clue about the job...." Zero sighs walking up to Kirigi "If is this some kind fo trap i'll tear your head off and use it as a paper weight understand?" Kirigi nods knowing Zero is deadly serious. "S-shall we get going?" Zero nods as the three mages follow Kirigi to his carrige to take them to the meeting location about 2 days travel away.

Chloe looked at Yakan while he was reading quietly "So since when do you like books?" "Since i started" Chloe showed a little anger "When did you start liking them?" "When i did" Chloe got angerier "When did you?" "I did" Chloe punched Yakan in the head and gave him a bump on his head "I like reading books since i was a kid okay? This is gonna hurt in the morning, Atleast my hat is gonna hide it" "Enough you two...stay focused we'll need to be ready just incase...." States Zero as he is laid back in his seat with his eyes closed and trying to have a nap.

"Says the guy who wants to sleep" "Hey Yakan i thought you cant read?" Yakan looked at Chloe after he picked his book "What? Oh no i can read i just dont always understand the stuff that i dont really care about, Like a job request doesnt matter me much whats in it or other things" "So you can read but ylu just dont understand what your not interested in?" Yakan got back to reading his book "Yup pretty much......Are we gonna take a break?" "Just cos i'm trying to sleep doesn't mean i'm not ready....besides i can't sleep only nap....." Says Zero as one of his red and amber eyes open. "So my friends what magic do you use?" asked Kirigi "Storm Phoenix Slayer, Weapon Card Magic, Transformation Magic and Repair Magic." said Zero with both eyes closed now obviously not in the mood for chatting

"I use Darkness Magic, Light Magic, Time Space Magic and a unique ability i have which i call Magic Seal Use" Yakan continued to read his book, Chloe then looked at Kirigi "I use Air Magic and Celestial Spirit Magic though i only have one gold key" "Which was a gift from me" "Oh so a wide array of magic then? I think this meeting will go well then...." Said Kirigi with a beaming smile. After two days the group arrived at Malokin a large walled costal town known for it's weaponforges and weapon masters. The group make their way to the meeting place a building called Sozu's Blade Emporium. As they enter they see mercenaries guarding the interior watching the group as they pass through to the main hall.

"You think they trust us?" Yakan said it to Chloe and Zero "Cause they dont look very happy seeing us walking through here" "What are you afraid of Yakan were here to guard him an...." Yakan stopped Chloe in the middle of her sentence "They might be guards to, Dont you think there feeling jealous since he asked Mages to do there or half there job" "They got a problem with us...they can jump off a cliff!" Zero smirked as one fo the guards went for his sword but stopped by Zero summoning his Jian weapon card. "Bad chew toy for you..." The Guard growled a little as he let go of his sword's grip, Zero then entered the meeting room with the rest fo the team and saw the other meeting attendies sitting and waiting for Kirigi to show. "Your late Kirigi.....the meeting will not wait...." said one of the attendies wearing a hood and mask "Well blame traffic....Mokiro" smirked Kirigi as he sat down and the team sat down at the back of the room watching the meeting.

"This is gonna be boring, Like every meeting i had in the pass" Chloe looked at Yakan suspiciously "What meeting did you have exacly?" Yakan looked at Chloe "Boring ones" "Thats not what i ment" Zero begins to take a nap while the others talk "Make sure to keep it down you two...." Zero then brings his headphones over his ears and puts some music on while he naps as the meeting begins and the guards become obviously more tense. "I have a feeling that this meeting will get intresting very soon..."

Yakan looked around and had certain flashbacks of meeting where he was in them, Each one of them apeared in a different place he then looked at Chloe "I had meeting talking about problems and attacks of some sort you know the old stuff" "Is that so?, That wasnt so hard now was it" "Yeah, I just hope this goes nice without any problems" Suddenly a large explosion rips through the east wing of the building and most of the guards rush to there, but suddenly the screams of them getting cut down echo through the rooms and halls. "Told ya it would get intresting...." Zero opens his eyes and stands up activating his armor and taking off his jacket. His headphones take the form of a smooth full-face mask with a red and black tirbal pattern over it. "You two guard our client i'll check on the situation". Zero uses Storm Phoenix Shift To get to the fighting in a split second.

"This always happens on S-Class missions thats why i rather take an easier jo..." Suddenly Yakan put his hand on his face and heard a whisper through his ear "Dont forget, Im always gonna be here" Yakan seemed depressed and turned to the client thinking for himself "It cant be him." While his team mates are busy guarding the client Zero is busy dealing with a large number of mercenaries, dark mages and what looks to be local rebels all with hand to hand combat alone and no magic at all. "Oh come on you can do better than that!!!" Zero laughed as he kicked one into the massing crowd. "I've delt with children tougher than you lot!" just as he finished his sentance he was stuck with a blast fo lightning magic which seemed to take him out of the fight. The Dark Mage who fired it smirked and gestured to his friends to keep moving, just as the first group passes Zero a sudden burst of lightning emmits from his body and he gets up. "Using lightning magic against a Storm Phoenix Slayer....that just signed your death warrent bub...." Zero then vanishes and appears in the middle of the group and uses Storm Phoenix Thunder Shout creating a dome of sound and concussive force to deafen, disorientant and blast enemies back. He then uses Storm Phoenix Shift to dart between the stunned enemies and kills them all with super-strong and super-fast strikes to vital organs. as he appears infront fo the Dark Mage the other enemies drop down dead. "W-what are you?!" the Dark Mage screamed as Zero drives Storm Phoenix Talon through his chest. "I am the White Reaper...." Zero whispered as he rips his arm out of his chest and walks past back to the meeting room.

Yakan and Chloe saw Zero returning "So what happened?" Chloe asked Zero but Yakan interrupted "We need to hurry, I feel something familiar, Something evil and dark." "You always feel sometihng dark and evil though, and the situation has been delt with." Zero holds up his left hand covered in blood and other bloody matter from the inside of the Dark Mage's chest. "But i agree the meeting has been comprimised...lets get Kirigi out of here....and have some fun on the way."

"Yeah we shou..." Yakan stopped and holded his chest as if he had a heart attack "H-he cant be" Suddenly Everyone heard a whisper "Im here always and forever, You cant escape me hahahaha by the way i heard there was gonna be a Full Moon tonight." "If theres one thing life has taugh me to beware it's two things....Women with Machetes and ghostly voices......and in all honesty i prefer the machete weilding women to ghostly voices..." said Zero as he pounds a Militia's head in while checking it Yakan is ok.

"Full Moon, Im sure now.....Its him" Yakan looked at Zero "We need to get out of here quickly theres no time" "You guys go ahead i'm gonna do what we did in Imarchi City....Delay them..." Zero smirked as he stepped forward letting bolts of lightning discharged from his body as a show of power to the enemies.

"Hes gonna get himself killed one day" Yakan said while Chloe looked at him worried "Yakan, Who was the person who was talking a while ago?" Yakan stayed silent for a while, He looked at Chloe and pointed his finger at his left red eye "The person who talked a while ago, Is the one who made my left eye blood red and gave me this scar, And hes clo..." Suddenly Dark Mages broke a wall and entered the room, Yakan quickly made darkness suround the area and grab the Dark Mages, Yet there were a few who werent caught and attacked him with fire magic, They sent fire at him but the fire phased through him and hit the wall behind him "Say good night" Yakan threw the Dark Mages he captured at the other one and sent them outisde the windows.

"Yakan these runts have very little chance of killing me....but they have a immense chance of getting killed by me!" Zero vanishes as the dark mages burst through the wall and unleashed Storm Phoenix Greatsword cutting down a large group with one brutal slash. He then unleashes a combo of Storm Phoenix Barrage and Storm Phoenix Barrage.

From outside the building a mysterious shadow was looking at the fight from on top of a tree "Another Phoenix Slayer, Lets see his strength compared to mine." By now Zero is fighting at nearly full power using his helmet to broadcast his "Mood Music". Eventually he beats 80% of all the enemeis and the rest run right into the remaining guards. "Well that was fun....ok lets pull out....and maybe let the council know what happened....Chloe you can do that i hate talking to those morons."

"I dont blame you, They do have a short temper most of the time" Chloe said it while she turned to Kirigi "Why did they try to attack you? Do you have something valuable?" Zero walks up to Kirigi crasking his knuckles "I'd talk now....i'm still in a fighting mood and you've seen what i can do..." "Ok ok....i kinda.....stole a priceless item from their Dark Guild and they kinda want it back....and i was trying to sell it here....ya see i'm a master theif...." said Kirigi with a nervous smile, just he finished his sentance Zero punches him straight in the face sending him flying "Your telling us that we're getting ttacked cos of your cleptomania?!" Zero then picks up a blade from a fallen malita "I should take your head and give it to them right now...."

"Wait Zero if you kill him then we are to fail this mission and sense thats the client things will go worst if you kill him, And besides whatever they want and he has could help us both capture a master theif and stop a dark guild" Yakan said it to Zero stopping him "Believe me i also want to punch him and break his bones but i cant, And if you promise not to do anything hasty ill buy you your favorite food, Ramen and Onion Ring Combo." "You promised that during the last S-Ranked job and ya still haven't come through with that....But lets just get this job done...and eh better pay us before he gets taken away.....i need the money."

"Dont we all" Yakan looked at Kirigi and used his Dark Force to pull him forward into his hand, He grabbed him the neck and slowly choked him "Okay now get the meeting over with so that we can let go, Or i swear ill make you clean the floors of this big building with your tongue." "I say screw the meeting and lets get out of here....we've guarded him at the meeting so it's time to get him home where we can get payed and send him off to prison." Zero turned to check if anyone else was coming to attack and smirked as he saw no one "Cowards....Lets get outta here."

"Alright then" Yakan kept a hold to Kirigis neck while he ran out of the building along with Zero and Chloe, Once they reached the exit they got to the carrige, Yakan threw Kirigi into it and sat next to him to came sure he wont try anything "Okay who drives?" "Chloe you drive i'll sit shotgun...and provide some cover!" smirked Zero as he jumped into the front passanger seat.

They drove far away that the building couldnt be seen anymore, Then a Dark Mage that was hiding on top of the carrige broke the ceiling of the carrige and reached his hand to Kirigi, Yakan grabbed his hand and pulled him down breaking the ceiling at the process making him fall next to him, Yakan looked at the Dark Mage "You like road trips?" Outside the carrige door the Dark Mage was seen getting thrown out by Yakan "There lets hope no more are gonna be here soon." "I do! More fun for me then!" laughted Zero as he rubbed his hands together. Just as he said that one useing air magic tried flying into zero who unleashed Storm Phoenix Scream vaporising his body. "What an idiot....ya never attack an S-Class head on..."

"Yeah alright then ahhhhhh i have a bad feeling about this" Yakan looked outside the broekn door and saw something heading towards them "What the....?" He then had a better look, He saw it was a spell coming towards them "El diablo" The spell head the carrige wheels and destroyed them. Zero looks down "Hmm i think we have a flat....any spares? We may need the wheels for later..."

"We dont have spares apparantly, Will have to walk the rest of the way, So who wants to hold the thievies bastard?" Said Yakan while he was holding Kirigi by the back of his shirt not letting him escape. "Let Chloe....she hasen't done much at the moment....about time she pulled her own weight." Zero smirked as he marched of putting his hands on the back of his head humming a tune.

Chloe used her Air Force spell to make Kirigis hands tied behing him by the air, She then looked at Yakan "So were to now?" Yakan pointed at a tower at a far distance "That tower over there it might have a town near it." Zero sniffs the air abit "Yeah your right i smell food....and i'm hungry....come on legs go before i decide to eat Kirigi." Zero walked alittle faster determind to get some food, he then notices a squirrel and dives for it and misses. "Fast little baka...." as Zero gets up he gets a flying sword bounce of his helmet and knocks him back down "Son of a....!! Who dares to strike my helmet!!"

"I'll just go ahead and say it, Dunno" Yakan looked around after finishing his sentence "I dont see anyone......As if" Yakan used his Dark Force again and pulled three Dark Mages from there hiding within the bushes, Yakan created a pack of wolves using his Darkness Magic to make sure the Dark Mages wont escape "Okay now ill just ask you one thing, What does Kirigi have that you want so bad?" "Kirigi you better spill it now or we'll leave ya here....i'm sure another high paying job will come along soon like getting what ever they want off them after they take it back....either way tell us now!" Said Zero as his magical aura showed with bolts of elecricity jump off him.

Yakan used his Dark Force and sent the Dark Mages to a very high ground and very far away, As a result once they fell they were sure to not survive, Yakan walked to Kirigi and made the wolves come along with him "You better say or your dog food." "Ok ok! The Sword is at my home....we need to get there before they find out!" said Kirigi who is about to wet himself from fear. Zero just sighs "unfortuneally my Storm Phoenix Shift only works with me....So using it to get us all there is redundant." Zero then thinks hard trying to figure something out. "I say we head to the town and see if we can get some transport...."

"Alright then ill hold the bastard for now" Yakan made his spells disapear and grabbed Kirigi by the back of his shirt "Were gonna go for a little walk" Everyone started walking towards the town while someone was looking at them from behind the bushes "Hehehehe time for part two of the plan." As they enter the town they notice everyone running to hide. "Yakan you been here before?....Or has your ugly face scared people again?...." asked Zero as he looked around to find anyone not soiling themselves.

Yakan looked around and had a few flashbacks of the place, Mostly about him with other people in the resteraunts, He tried to ignore them "This place didnt change one bit" Yakan kept on walking until he stopped after seeing a poster on a show window "It cant be" Yakan walked to the poster and looked at it silently. "Let me guess wanted poster?...if it is whats the reward?" asked Zero as he followed Yakan to the poster. He also takes Kirigi off of Yakan and zapps him with some lightning completly paralizing his nervous system and making it impossible for him to run off.

"Its not a wanted poster....Its a page from the news paper from yesterday" Yakan showed Zero the page, It had latest news of a Dark Guild being found completely destroyed with no survivers "Theres a person who did this and it happened near this town which means we have a rough enemy on our back in here." Zero laughed "Excellent i need a decent fight!!....these runts they've sent us have been fun but easy to drop!" Zero looked around to see if he could spot the big bad Dark Mages and rush them, and was visibly annoyed when he failed to spot them. "Either there good at hiding or my epic eye sight has failed me".

Yakan showed Zero the name of the person incharge of the destruction of the guild "You see this? The one responsible for this is called Tesla Dakota and heres another thing you two have something in common, Your both Phoenix Slayers, While your storm he's the Darkness Phoenix Slayer." "Dakara.....Bolterus told me he was destroyed and would never come back....He's the very reason The Phoenix Slayer Magic was created...he went rogue and tried to destroy the human world....but the other phoenix's stopped him and made the magic i sure just in case another Phoenix went rogue......." Zero said with a look of shock and anger on his face. He then turned around as he felt something strange behind him.

"His here aint he" Yakan looked at the same direction as Zero, They both saw a figure coming from the shadows of a corner, It was Tesla Dakota smiling at both of them "Lookie who still remembers my daddy hehehehehe welcome home Zero." "Home?....what do you mean?" Asked Zero as his helmet formed over his head and he readied himself for a fight. As his armed moved to their regular positions for Zero's fighting stance bolts of lightning jumped across.

"Boltz taught ya a few tricks after all hehehe thats good dont want this fight to be lame" Said Tesla while waiting for Zeros attack "Cmon hit with your best shot." "Answer me damn it!!!!" Zero charges using his Storm Phoenix Smash destroying a large area of the ground including part of a house.

After the smoke cleared Tesla walked out with a shield of darkness that protected him from Zeros attack, He removed the shield and looked at Zero "Answer what? Why wont your friend Yakan tell you how come he knows me so well? hahaha." "What did you mean by welcome home damn it?!" Zero attacks again this time with a combo of acrobatic kicks and finishing with Storm Phoenix Barrage in an attempt to land a decent blow on Tesla.

Once again Tesla came out with only a small scratch on his forehead still looking at Zero with his smile "You wanna know what i mean? Hahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! you'll have to beat me first buddy, Now..." Tesla made a large orb of darkness infront of his face "Darkness Phoenix's......." Tesla took a deep breath "SHRIEK!!!!!!!!!!!" Tesla screamed into the orb of darkness releasing a large dark blast at Zero, Yet the attack was large enough to reach the others, Yakan quickly took Chloe and Kirigi away from the way, Once the attack hit it caused a large explosion along with great destruction, The building that was behind them had been icinerated into a rubbel of rocks, Tesla whiped his mouth and looked at Zero "Dakara said Bolterus was a real challenge looks like he lied as usual that sneaky devil." Zero smirked when suddenly a large explosion of lightning errupted from him. "those goons you sent made the mistake of using lightning magic on know what happens when us Phoenix Slayers are hit with our own element....." suddenly Zero gains feather like markings on his face and arms as well as talon like nails on his fingers and toes with a constant electrical discharge. "Now we'll see who does better...Storm or Darkness..."

Tesla laughed a demonic laugh and looked at Zero "Phoenix Force, Hehehe two can play that game but i guess ill have to take it to the next level" Suddenly the same thing happened to Tesla same as Zero only with the difference of his eyes turning red "Darkness might not be the most common element in natural cases but it is the one that exist within living things and in every living thing" Zero unleashes an attack rarely seen and lived through Phoenix God's Grand Art: Lightning Scream the ball of thunder builds up in Zero's mouth and he lets it loose but no scream is heard just the sound of the lightning blast ripping through the air and hitting the spot Tesla is standing.

After the large explosion Tesla comes out with large bruises on his left arm yet still with his smile, Small laughs were heard from him, The people around him were terrified of Tesla, He then looked at certain man who was on the ground trying to get up, He walked towards him and grabbed him by the head and lifted him up, He turned to Zero "Darkness is within every living creature be it a bunny rabbit or a fly everything that breathes has evil and hatred in it darkness exists within all who walk this earth" Tesla then relased darkness on the man he was grabbing, The darkness went around the man binding him and choking him slightly, Suddenly more darkness apeared from the man coming to Tesla and healing his wounds, Tesla let go of the man "Let me tell you a little fact about darkness, I can drain it from the hearts of people heal my wounds faster and renew my power bet Bolterus didnt tell ya that." Zero just smirks and sniffs the air "Smell that.....a storm is coming....a nice big one" A rumble of thunder echos through the air, Zero smirks and charges again "All i gotta do is hold you back for a few minutes then my full power will show....then you'll tell me what you know!" Zero unleashes a empowered series of strikes.

Tesla dodged the attacks and steps back from Zero, Looking at him with a demonic smile with blood on half his face "Knock knock, Whos there?, Phoenix, Phoenix who?, Phoenix God's Grand Shriek" Tesla created a orb of darkness bigger than his head, He then holds a deep breath "GUESS WHAT?!!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!! ITS GONNA BE A DARK AND LONELY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!" Tesla screams louder than before releasing a completely larger blast of darkness, Yet before it reached Zero it changed its direction into the sky, Once it reached the clouds in exploded unleashing darkness into a large pitch black sky, Tesla looked at Zero while he laughed at him "Get this boy Dakara was defeated but that was long after he tought me about Darkness Phoenix Slayer he told me everything i needed to know from the last detail and weakness of every Phoenix that he met including good all Boltz hahaha, Loser." " Just so you know i'm nothing like Bolterus.....i'm much more fun...." Zero smirks and he summons his dual broadswords and charged as he coated the blades with lightning and launched a barrage of highly accurate slashes landing several deep gashes on Tesla and kicked him away before firing a Storm Phoenix Scream to break the dark spell.

Tesla slowly got up "This is pointless, If you want to know what i ment by my welcoming then you must know...Right now i cant survive the powerfull attack your preparing at me.......The attack will simply kill me and you will be left wondering hehehe and besides its not you i want neither is Kirigi the one so make the calculations." "Oh relax i'll take your head after i get what i want out of you...." Zero then unleashes Storm Phoenix Secret Art: Grand Phoenix Axe slamming it into Tesla making sure to keep Tesla alive but stunned.

Tesla was shocked he had a few sparks on him, For a moment he seemed as if he was going to fall yet he still had his grin on his face "Hehehehe.........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is real fun........Fun as hell hehehe.....My turn" Tesla spread his arms and unleashes large amount of darkness that has a very pitch black color "Black Flower: Heaven And Hell" Tesla sent an enormous amount of darkness at Zero making them in many shapes and destroying anything within its way Yakan took Kirigi and Chloe again and tried to dodge the attack yet got caught within it, He threw Chloe into a far distance to keep her safe, The darkness that went to Zero had caused complete destruction to the area once it reached Zero it turned into a wall shape and openned a hole showing Tesla chewing on something "Darkness Phoenix's Sudden Death" Tesla fired an incredibly large blast that one it went through the wall it absorbed it and became even larger, the power of the blast was powerfull enough that it destroyed three buildings that were behind Zero, Yakan had also been caught in the attack, Tesla breathed very hard and thought for himself "Part two of the plan success final part on the go" Tesla made darkness all over his body suddenly disapearing from the area.

Zero unleashes a huge blast from an un-named spell breaking out of the confines. He looks around for Tesla and growls "Oh his head is mine when i find him again...." Zero then looks for the others. Yakan gets out of a many rubbels that we was crushed by, He threw an unconscious Kirigi at Zero, He then goes out holding a fainted Chloe on both his arms, He was bleeding from both his head and left arm, His was missing his hat letting his long black hair fall down, He looked at Zero "Next time ill fight the psychotic guy with the eternal smile, And also i wont destroy a part of a town." "Don't start Yakan....all i want is infomation about my past....didn't he say ask you about it?" ask Zero as he held Kirigi by his right ankle.

Yakan put down Chloe and looked at Zero "He didnt say about your past but how come i know him, Guess i should atleast tell one person.......You see Zero before i was an S-Class Mage within the Neptune Guild........I was the Guild Master of a guild called the Full Moon Guild." "Yeah i heard about that got wiped out by a supposed Slayer Magic user....remember i hear alot from my sources." Said Zero as he knelt down to see if Chloe was alright dumping Kirigi on his head, his wounds already healed.

"Its was a God Slayer called Katsuo Hakai he was very powerfull he was able of defeating all the guild members and......Killing them as well.....I couldve helped but the reason i couldnt was because of the same man you just fought The Black Bird and First Phoenix Slayer before the current ones Tesla Dakota, I fought him i couldnt defeat him mostly cause we never got to finish our fight, Katsuo defeated me but Tesla gave me this scar and eye." "Well i assure you our next match will be very different....if he knows about my past i want to know about it....Anyway lets get home....and get Kirigi into his new home." The group eventually made it home with their payment, Zero decided to go straight to his room and pass out for afew days. While he drempt he saw visions of his lost past, he saw fire and death, earth and blood. When he awoke in a cold sweat one of the younger mages a boy called Hilt told him that Liara wants him to meet her and the rest of his team at the gardens.

Yakan was sitting in a banch in the garden holding a leaf in his hand and thinking for himself "If Tesla was there then theres no doubt Katsuo is.........Yet Zero needs to know his past but if those two fight again who knows what kind of destruction they'll cause, Cant get one easy thing in this joint" Yakan stood up and saw Chloe waiting with Liara for Zero. "Hey feeling better" Asked Liara as she held onto Zero's arm smiling. "So Yakan any idea how to find Tesla?" asked Zero with a serious look on his face and eyes glowing with hate.

"Tesla is smarter than he looks finding him aint easy but i think i know what he might want" Everyone sat down while Yakan explained "He said theres a Full Moon tonight by that he means my former guild, It was a message he'll be waiting inside the abandoned Full Moon Guild. But dont take it easy the place is within a large town with high building and also i dont want the guild to be damaged or destroyed as for that" Yakan looked at Zero "I'll fight Tesla, If your wondering why then ill tell you, Because we have a score to settle and also i wont go destroying building remember the place is more crowded than the last town so alot of people can get hurt." "Ok just get the info i the mean time i got a A-Class mission i take on alone....i need to let off some steam." Said Zero as he got up and walked away.

Yakan walked back into the guild and sat down next to a table, He tried to forget about what happened in the past but flashbacks of his guild members death still haunted him and suddenly he heard a familiar voice whispering to him "Dont worry Yakan ill always be there for you" Yakan apeared surprised and settled down and said to himself "Mom, Im sorry." Mean while Zero is pounding the living hell out of a Dark Guild called The True Reapers, having wiped out atleast 45% already he moves to their leader who is wanted alive much to his annoyence. Back at the guild Liara is working on her sword skills and magic comonations.

Yakan was walking around the guild and he went into a his room and sat down "What a pain, Teslas back, Zero is on an S-Class job i bet its gonna take him hours to get back and we only have till tonight, Tesla wont keep on waiting." Meanwhile Zero has returned covered in blood stains, he doesn't pay attention to what others are saying he just gets his favirote food and sits down to eat.

Yakan walks over to him "So your ready to go?" Said Yakan while looking at Zero while his eating. "Give me abit....i wanna finish this before i go nuts...." Yakan had a sweatdrop but decided to wait, After Zero finished eating they all went to the abandoned Full Moon Guild within a large town. "Hmm nice place....bit dead....." said Zero as he looked around while chomping on some onion rings.

"This bit dead place was once my home, Its the same as it was the last time i saw it" Said Yakan with a sorrow voice. "You should see my home...ah right i forgot it's ash now...." Said Zero as he finished his onion rings. "And thats one of the many reasons why i cant let you fight Tesla, We dont want this whole palce being ash along with the town, The magic council wont like it ya know" Yakan looked around after finishing his sentence "This place brings back memories." "Ok first it wasn't me who asked it i know that....i remember seeing people....dark mages....using fire magic on what i think was my home....burning my don't say i'll ash this place....i might blow it up abit but thats about it." Zero smirked alittle

"Ah huh, Lets just look and see if we can find what Tesla would want, Though i think i know what he wants" Yakan went into the corner of the guild and lifted a few broken pieces of the ceiling off a chest, He openned it and took out a white rock "There it is, Thats what he wants, This is a very valuable rock people say its from the moon mainly cause its white and kinda resembles the moon in apearance, But no one knows if it is anywho i believe that this is what Tesla wants, I sold its worth more than what we get in a year." The two reach a point where two halls lead into the darkness, Zero smirks "Ya think this palce has any clues to my identity? It seems your friend has restarted my reason for join The Neptune Guild....Anyway i'll head this way see what i can take that way." Zero runs down the hall and vanishes into the dark.

"I hope he doesnt break anything" Yakan looked around and had flashbacks of the place before the incident happened, He then heard something from the hallway, He walked to it to check it out "Whats this?" Yakan got closer and saw a something moving, He tried to see what it is then at that moment he realised what it is "El diablo" Suddenly a large explosion erupted from the corner, Destroying the wall and sending Yakan outside of the guild, Yakan shielded himself with a magic seal protecting himself, From a large smoke he saw Tesla coming out of it "So you came hehehehe good times indeed, But now all games end here" Tesla said as he made large portions of darkness started to apear and suround him, Yakan got up and prepared to fight "Bring it." Zero ran down the corridor and entered what looked to be a library, he looked to the continuing darkness then to the library again and went to find book hopefully about his past.

Meanwhile outside Yakan and Tesla were fighting with there magic, Tesla used his Darkness Phoenix's Shriek on Yakan which charged at him in full power, Yakan used two magic seals as shields to protect him from Teslas attack, The seals were able to hold off most of the attack but evantually they broke and Yakan got hit by Teslas attack "Damn, Ah this hurts more than it did last time" Yakan got up while bleeding from his left shoulder, He aimed his hand at Tesla and created a large snake head, He sent it at Tesla to devour him, Tesla jumped into the dark snakes mouth suddenly the snake started to become larger and evantually exploded from the mass of Teslas darkness, Tesla looked at Yakan with a grin "Is that all?" Tesla prepared another attack and so did Yakan.

Meanwhile Zero is still reading through the archives and finds some intresting infomation and begins to memorize it. Just as he finishes a sword blade swings down which he avoids using Storm Phoenix Shift, he then turns around and sees a known dark mage called Izuna Kyomachi AKA The Blade Master. "Hmmm so how much is this Tesla guy paying you to....distract me?" asked Zero. "Enough one i get rid of you....i get rid of this stupid curse he put on me..." growled Izuna. "Well i say we get this over and done with....i don't wanna keep Tesla waiting." Smirked Zero as he summoned his Jian weapon card and charged Izuna who activated his sword magic but was easily beaten in 4 moves; first being Storm Phoenix Warp followed by a three strike sword combo called Eternal Death. After Zero had killed the mage he walked off to find Yakan.

Yakan and Tesla were still fighting and so far they both are in equal terms, Tesla looked at Yakan with a grin "So is it gonna be like last time? You almost beating me but i tricking you and defeating you?" Yakan looked at Tesla raged "This time its gonna be different" Yakan used his Time Warp spell and turned his body into a time warp, He instantly apeared infront of Tesla and punched him sending him into a building wall, Tesla coughed blood and yet still smiled "Your right it is gonna be different" Tesla used his Phoenix Force and flew into the top of the building, Yakan chased him "Hey no fair i cant fly" Yakan created a few darkness arms and used them to climb the building, He reached Tesla at the top of the building "You know a storm is coming right?" Yakan said to Tesla who only grinned "Yes i know but Zero wont be here would he? After all you want to fight me right? Hehehe and besides your darkness magic wont hurt me." "Ahem! I'm never too far away for a good fight....especially when it involves a friend and an insult to the Phoenix Slayers." Zero appears sitting on a balcony above the battle-field. "Yakan if you get your ass kicked again it's my turn. I'll show you how to deal with a Phoenix Slayer like him."

Yakan looked at Zero "If i need help ill make sure to let you know" Yakan turned back to Tesla "Show me any new tricks youve gotten through the years" Tesla laughed and ran towards Yakan "This wont hurt a little, This will hurt ALOT!!!!!" Once Tesla reached Yakan he quickly raised his leg up, He surounded it with darkness, Yakan blocked the kick but the floor he was standing on broke, Yakan and Tesla both feel down to the floor under them, They both got back from each other, Tesla pointed his finger at Yakan "Heres a new trcik for ya Darkness Phoenix's Wings" Tesla created two large wings from darkness on his back, He changed there shape into two arms and sent them at Yakan, Yakan used a magic seal as a defense and increased its size to protect him, The seal protected Yakan but the arms got over the seal and went stright to Yakan, He quickly used another magic seal which protected him, The floor once again broke under Yakan and he fell one floor down, Tesla went after him "Are we going to keep going down more and more till we reach the last floor?" Tesla said while he prepared another spell. Zero sighs and lays down on the balcony railing "Just keep it down ok? I wanna have a nap." Zero as usual seems unfazed by the combat below him. "Hmmm wonder what i'll have for dinner today..." Zero thinks to himself as he closes his eyes.

"That lazy bum" Yakan said as he prepared another spell at Tesla, He charged darkness in his hands and prepared to fire them "Death's Oblivion" Yakan fired a large dark beam of darkness at Tesla, Once it hit Tesla he absorbed it completely and replenished his power, He looked at Yakan happily smiling at him "Thanks for the meal" Tesla wiped his mouth and looked at Yakan "You havent learned have you, You cant defeat me with my own element darkness is my element, The more you attack me with it the stronger you make me" Tesla walked towards Yakan "Dammit this isnt working what am i gonna do now?" Yakan said to himself "Looks like i should take this like a man" Yakan took off his hat and cape, He looked at Tesla and charged at him preparing to hit him, When he reached him Tesla grabbed Yakans wrist and kicked him in the stomach "Your getting old" said Tesla to Yakan he then gave Yakan a strong punch to the face, Yet Yakan wasnt affected by the hits, He looked at Tesla and grabbed him by his shirt "Whos getting old?" Yakan threw Tesla into a wall

Tesla hit the wall and got up with a little rage in his eyes "Looks like your not old yet" Tesla wiped blood from his mouth, He looked at a window that was next to him and laughed "Its getting late, But i have a few more minutes" Yakan looked at Tesla and even though it was hidden under his bandages he apeared to have a small grin "Whats the matter you got a date?" Tesla looked at Yakan "No i just have a very important appointment, So ill end this like last time" Tesla spreaded his arms and legs while releasing large amounts of darkness around him "Phoenix God's Wonderland" Tesla surounded his entire body with darkness covering every inch of it, He then released it into a shape of a phoenix protecting him, Yet its size was too big to fit in the small corner of the room he was in yet it was still able to be used "You remember this dont you? The spell that finished you off" Tesla made alrge amounts of dark arms charge at Yakan "Not this time birdy" Yakan used a magic seal as a shield, He increased its size enough to protect his whole body, Yet the shield broke and sent Yakan breaking through the wall behind him and falling down "I cant believe it, I-l couldnt beat him after all these years, I wont lose this time" Yakan created dark arms and used them to climb back up to Tesla "Im gonna beat you this time" Yakan charged at Tesla and used a light magic seal as a saw blade, He tried to break Teslas defense "Hahaha you actually think that'll work?" Tesla laughed at Yakan attemps

Yakan didnt answer Tesla he only looked at him and stepped back "Shut up you stupid bird brain" Yakan aimed his hand at Tesla, A magic seal apeared infront of his hand, Suddenly it fired a large light blast at Tesla, The blast reached and started cracking Teslas defense "What? No" The blast broke Tesla defense leaving him with only half his power from the light blast, He looked at Yakan without his grin "I wont lose to you, I won last time and ill win again" Yakan lowered his hand and looked at Tesla, "Hahahaha ya won last time so what? I atleast trained these last 7 years unlike someone in here" Yakan said to Tesla apearing to be smiling, Tesla was raged and charged at Yakan, He grabbed Yakan by the head sending both of them outside the broken wall, They were falling down from a high ground "Now im gonna crush you into the ground and make you eat dirt" Tesla said while he was crushing Yakan head slowly with his hand "Like hell you would" Yakan grabbed Teslas head as well, He turned themself around making Tesla be the one heading towards the ground, Yet Tesla used his darkness to make Yakan unable to move and turned them the other side again

"Your dead" The two hit the ground breaking it and creating a large hole, From the smoke Tesla was thrown out by Yakan who was bleeding alot from his head "Ouch now this hurts" Yakan said as he wiped some of the blood of his head, Tesla was still raged and prepared to attack again "This aint over yet" Tesla charged at Yakan, Yet was stopped once Yakan used his Time Warp spell to quickly reach Tesla and hit him powerfully in the head, smashing him to the ground, Yakan grabbed Teslas head and lifted him up, Tesla was bleeding more than Yakan on his head, He looked at Yakan and grined once more "So are you going to kill me and have you sweet revenge" Yakan let go of Tesla "I wont fall down to your level" Yakan started to walk away from Tesla "Whats the matter ya wuss" Yakan quickly punched Tesla in the face sending him into a wall breaking down, Tesla fell unconscious on the ground, Yakan looked at him and wiped the rest of the blood of his head "I always wanted to do that, Damn this hurts." "Ok so what now?" Zero asked as he floated down to the ground "Interrogate him to see what he knows about my past. Or take him to the Magic Council? Personally i'd go for interrogation then we kill him."

"Okay then will do that" Yakan and Zero walked to Tesla who was slowly regaining consciousness, He looked at them with his grin returning to him "So now what? You make me tell you what you want and kill me? Hahahaha." "Thats the general idea." Smirked Zero as he created a fireball in his hand "Anyone up for Dark Mage ala Flambe?" Tesla laughed at Zero, He stood up slowly and looked at both Yakan and Zero "I know nothing hehehe the only reason i said welcome home is because i wanted to mess with you, You know see the power of another phoenix slayer hehehe, Your pissed at me now aint ya?" "You have no idea...." Zero's expression turned from calm to almost demonic with hate and anger as the fireball in his right hand and the lightning ball in his left increased in size. "Now ya have two choices....repent for your sins or die....i'd hope you pick death it'll be alot more fun for me."

Tesla laughed, He looked at Zero spreading his arms "Too late, My boss is already here" Suddenly a large black box apeared through the wall behind Tesla and captured him inside it, The black box became smaller and smaller until it was caught by Izan, Izan looked at the small black box "You did well so far i guess ill let you off this time but ill leave you in that box for the rest of the day." Izan put the black box in his pocket and looked at Zero and Yakan. "Ok one day you meeting my enemies Yakan...." Zero sighed as he charged up more lightning.

"You want to fight me i see, Well thats too bad because i have to go now" Izan was about to leave until he was stopped by one of Yakan magic seals blocking Izans way, Izan turned back to Yakan and Zero "Maybe i can spare a few minutes." Zero smirked "Oh i wanna fight alright...." Zero then summons his twin spears from their card and lunges forward.

Izan forms black water on his hands and fires them at Zero in a large burst. Zero blocks and deflects the attacks using his Slayer magic to increase the two spear's durability and thrusts with both spears. "Eat it!!!" Zero shouts as the points get closer to Izan's chest.

Once the points hit Izans chest, Izans chest turns into darkness "Not as painfull as its not" Izan puts a large amount of black water on his hands and fires them as a large water tornado at Zero. As the tornado spins closer Zero dispells his spears and vanishes from sight, appearing behind Izan. "'Storm Phoenix Greatsword'!" Zero forms a blade of lightning between his hands and swings it at full force at Izan landing a powerful blow on Izan and much of the ground leaving a trench infront of the two.

As the smoke clears there is no sign of Izan, Suddenly Izan apears behind Zero aiming his hand at his head "Burst" An incredibly large burst of black water hits Zero in the back of the head sending him crashing on the ground. "Shit....." Zero got up slowly "That could've gone better......How about alittle help Yakan?" Zero suddenly turned around launching a blast of fire and lightning at Izan.

Izan created a black box which openned and locked the lightning and fire blasts in it, The box then disapeared into thin air "This is pointless" Suddenly Yakan went behind Izan and prepared to hit him, Izan disapeared and reapeared behind Yakan, He grabbed Yakan by the back of his head and used black lightning on him, Yakan was being shocked in pain yet he escaped using a magic seal to smash Izan making him let go

Yakan got to Zero and looked at him "I lost some magic power against Tesla this might need to get over with soon" Izan destroyed Yakans magic seal with black lightning and looked at both Zero and Yakan "Good night" Izan pulled his arm backward and waved it forward at Yakan and Zero, Suddenly an enormous amount of black ice headed towards them, Once it reached them it created a large spikey mountain shaped black ice boulder "That should do the trick" Izan walked away and faded away into darkness. Zero avoided the boulder and landing on the balcony he was on during Yakan and Tesla's fight. "I hate you sometimes Yakan....." sighed Zero

Yakan apeared next to him holding onto his bleeding shoulder "Atleast we feel the same thing damn this hurts, Lets just wrap this up and go back to the guild, Hey where my moon rock from the guild? And wheres Chloe and Liara?" "They should be back at the guild...and i dunno where ya rock is....." Shrugged Zero as he walked off

Yakan picked the moon rock from the ground as it apears to have fell from him "Ya know this thing is worth more than ya think, And also its the last thing i have from my guild as a memory the rest is gone, Lets just go back." "Yeah yeah...lets just get home i'm hungry...." Zero said as he walked off in a hurry for food.

After a long walk they both got back to the guild, When Yakan entered it Chloe ran and hugged him "Where were you? i was worried sick" Chloe said as she hugged Yakan, Yakan looked at Zero "What do i do? I never got hugged by a woman before." "Hug back and say sorry then go off and explain what happened.....basic really." Just as Zero finished his sentanced he got punched and sent back out the door, he looked at where the fist came from and saw Liara standing there fumming at Zero and Yakan's actions. She then turned to Yakan and done the same sending him out the door landing next to Zero.

"Ouch damn it, I just finished a fight against Tesla and fell from a building what else am i gonna get hit by?" Yakan got up and cracked his neck bones, He then turned to Liara "Whatever it i your mad about i just want you to know, It was Zeros fault since he destroyed the building." "Oh thanks....there goes your invitation to our wedding....." said Zero with a glare directed at Yakan. Liara walks up to both of them and hugs them "Don't you ever do that again without telling me...." she sighed "Or i'll kill you both...."

Yakan looked depressed "I think ill stay out of S-Class missions for the next forever" He then turned to Zero "Why is she hugging me too?" Zero chuckles "cos your her friend and yes your doing more S-Class jobs...i think Chloe will make sure of that...." Liara lets them both go and walks off, Zero flips up to his feet and follows "Drinks are on me!" He shouts which causes alot of the members of the guild to cheer.

Yakan looked at Chloe "Sorry i made you worry and thanks for not hitting me" Chloe smiled at Yakan and he back to her "Your gonna make me do tons of S-Class missions wont you" "Yup" Said Chloe happily whole walking to Zero for the drinks, Yakan sighed and decided to go along with them "I hope i wont see Tesla any time soon." "Knowing our luck we'll see Tesla and the guy who saved him all too soon....." Zero smirked as he pulled some scrolls from his jacket. "I'm hoping these will shed some light on my past."

Yakan put his hand on Zeros shoulder "I hope it does pal, That way you wont have any problems and hopefully a less destructive personality." "Nah i'll always be destructive...kinda a side effect of being a Storm Phoenix Slayer i guess." Zero chuckled as he looked through the first scroll.

"Oh boy, Well atleast you wont have the memory loss pain anymore" Yakan looked at the scroll along with Zero. "Ya know it could be worse....i could be a Fire Phoenix Slayer....." Zero smirked as Liara placed drinks for all 4 of them on the bar.

"Fire?....." Yakan then imagined what would happen if Zero was a fire type phoenix slayer "Oh boy." "I kid you not from what Bolterus told me the Fire Phoenix was abit of a hot head and had a tendancy in blowing entire mountins up...." Smirked Zero as he sipped his drink. Liara looked at him then sighed "Lets hope that guy hasn't taught anyone equally hot headed....We have enough collateral damage with you around babe..." Zero looked shocked "I haven't caused any collateral damage for 3 days!"

"I hardly doubt its possible for someone like you" Yakan sighed and went to sit down, And drink some tea "And besides i think the damage was done half by you and half by Tesla i mean you both are powerfull Phoenix Slayers." "Could've been worse....I could've gone into Phoenix Slayer Mode if there was a storm hitting at the time. Remember the last time that happened?" Smirked Zero as he spitted his drink again.

"Your just lucky the council forgave you that time but i hardly doubt you'll be forgiven twice especialy after being apart of the destruction of nearly half a town" Yakan sipped some of his tea and looked at Zero "Sometimes there jerks but we cant go against those who have more authority than us." Liara and Zero chuckled "Yeah well we don't like them remember, we prefer to go our own path remember." Smiled Zero.

"You think i like them? The council aint always right well mostly doesnt always do the choices that help everyone but there still to much for us to go against." Zero shrugged "Either way if i can i won't go by their toletarian rules. I'll go my own path." Liara smiled "Anyway can we get to business....ya know about the scrolls?"

"Scrolls what scrolls? The only thing i have is the moon rock from my previous guild" Yakan looked confused and didnt remember any scrolls. Zero picked up a small bag from behind the bar and openned it with roughly 15 or more scrolls in it. "These scrolls....i'm hoping they'll have something on my past...." Zero took a couple out and tossed one to Liara. "Guess we'll start with these two first." Liara nodded and opened the one in her hand and began to read through it.

"Ohhhh those scrolls you that you were looking for........Dammit i forgot all about them" Yakan got up and stood next to Zero "Damn i dont know what hurts the most falling from a building on my head or breaking my back." "Try getting attacked by a Devil-Bear....They don't care if you play dead." Said Zero as he began to read through the next scroll.

"Ah huh....So what do the scrolls say?" Yakan got close to look at the scrolls. "Now alot....first one said your old guild owed over 40,000 Jewels and some other boring stuff. This one says about a large number of new mages joining..." Said Zero moving onto the next scroll.

"Yeah we had big parties for new members who joined i miss the olden days......I wonder what happened to all those jewels" Yakan scratched his head and saw another scroll, He took it and started reading it "Hmmm? Strange i dont remember my guild having any gambling debts"

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