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Ilya 2
Name Ilya
Kanji いりゃ
Romanji Iria
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Purple
Hair Dark Brown
Blood Type Unknown
Unusual Features Ridiculous sense of style
Professional Status
Affiliation Exia
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Dark Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team Ilya/Lilya duo
Capital Invasion Team(once)
Partner Lilya
Base of Operations Undisclosed
Personal Status
Martial Status Single
Relatives Lilya(sworn sister)
Magic Eye Magic
Levitation Magic
Alias None

Ilya is a Dark Mage of the Exia Guild. She is partners with Lilya, who is also her sworn sister.


Bypassing unique and just entering the level of over-the-top, Ilya has a look that stands out more then she likes to admit. Standing at a little over average height, Ilya has a rather mature figure that she likes to show off whenever she can. Ilya has long dark brown hair which she wears down. She has purple eyes, which glow whenever she activates her eye magic. She has a tanned complexion as well. Ilya sports an outfit consitsting of a tight revealing pink dress, that shows off her cleavage-- the dress having black lines outlining it and crossing over it. It also has sleeves that follow up until the shoulders where they simply jut out in a weird fashion.With that, she wears knee high pink leggings witha black outline at the top and black heeled shoes. To top this all off is her oversized pink helmet, whose ear parts stretch out like horns. The helmet conceals her identity.


Calm and prideful, Ilya can come off as a stuck up woman every now and then to others. Unlike her partner, she can be rather level headed and keeps her composure in combat the best that she can. She has a habit of dropping snarky remarks about people now and then with anyone around her-- it could be Lilya or someone else. These can either be for her amusement or to clearly point something out that irks her about someone. This is a bad habit of hers that she has no shame in. Like a little sister, Lilya is someone that Ilya would protect and help at any cost. Since their first encounter, they have stuck together like glue-- which is why Lilya refers to Ilya as "Ilya-nee" most of the time.

Above all else, Ilya believes her eccentric style to be perfect. As every now and then someone insults her style, she simply fires back that it is "a step above the rest of y'all". She embraces her eccentric look as a way to stand out more then anyone else. Her ridicolous sense of style is something that defines her. Also she can be very prideful unless the oppenent is clear levels above her, and as a result she is quite the "trash-talker". In addition, Ilya is not merciful in combat, not shying away from being brutal to achieve a goal.


Magic and Abilties

Under Construction.


  • Her appearance is based off Galacta from Marvel comics.
  • Ilya believes her style to be "cutting edge and a step above the rest."

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