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James Cook
James Cook



jeimuzu kukku


Enovy of the Seas (エノヴィー・アヴ・ザ・スィーズ enovii avu za siizu?)




Male Male


18-20 (Royal Navy)
24-25 (Hargeon Town)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Emblem Royal Navy

Guild Mark Location

Right Shoulder (Guild Mark)
Left Forearm (Captain Mark)


Captain-Class (SS-Class) Mage
Fleet Master


First Voyage (Crew of the Endeavour) (Formally)
Team Arc


Octavia Arc

Base of Operations

Hargeon Town

Personal Status



James Cool


Guns Magic: Navy Magic
Sword Magic
Requip: Naval Knight


Magic Flinctlocks

Atlantis Symbol
"T-the hell is this?!"
— James to the crew of the Dauntless.

Captain James Cook (ジェイムズ・クック jeimuzu kukkuis?) is a legendary naval captain, merchant, explorer, navigator, cartographer and the current Fleet Master of the Royal Navy guild , and one of their Aces. and one of the protagonist of Royal Navy, and a character in Hargeon Town. He is one of the more renowned members of the guild.

Being a Captain, James had been on numerous S-Class defind missions, and has been going on missions with other members and even newer ones. At one point, the S-Class wizard, Octavia Arc asks for his, along with Goerge Diocleti and Siegfried to help her on a task. During the mission, he'd demonstrated great skill and courage against the dark guild's members, and even helping in defeating Mephistopheles, a demon from the Books of Zeref.

With the S-Class mission done, James performs other high-class missions that made them a renowned mage. Due to his inexcusable tactical knowledge and skill, is designated as the Naval Fleet Master, and became the Captain of the Endeavour, the ship he once served as a cabin boy for the First Voyage. However, the First Voyage encountered a demonic entity and entered into a battle with the demon. As the Fleet Master, he expertly organised strategies against the being, even being able to analyse and theorized possible weaknesses, to which the most common were the eyes. Telling his men to aim for the eyes, they were able to knock them out and was able to full retreat back to Fiore with heavy casulities. This act of courage, leadership and the intuition lead him to be known as the Enovy of the Seas (エノヴィー・アヴ・ザ・スィーズ enovii avu za siizu?).

Dispite the casulities, James was selected to become a Fleet Master, as his leadership skills, courage and his calm demeanour in the heat of chaos allowed for more to return back to Hargeon, making him quite a remarkable status. Even so, He continued performing jobs in the open oceans, delivering cargo, and discovery ruins. All the while, he performs trade along the way as a merchant.


Early Life

Born in the kingdom of Fiore in Hargeon Town, being born in the naval family of the East-North Trading Guild, he was taught at a young age of the navigation, and cartograph. At age 16, he joins the guild as a simply recuit, and is placed on the Endeavour with Philip Albion as his Captain, and his life as a naval tradsmen begins.

First Voyage

James takes part in the First Voyage within the Seas of Purgatory, a ocean said no ships ever returned. Captain Philip Albion is ordered to be the captain of the Endeavour, following the Man O' War flagship, the Admiral Expression.


Being chosen to with the chef. The chef then askes James to clean the dishes, and he relunctly does so. During midday, he is asked to hand the food to the crew, all the while the chef told him to take a break to have his meal anywhere he wishes.

However, James soon ovehear 2 crew members speaking about the oceans being cursed with a type of entity taking in ships. This somewhat spooked him, not believing any word they said, until it got silent. He looks to see a face of a being dared not to see.

The Demon of Purgatory



Royal Navy

Hargeon Town

Appearance & Personality

S-Class Mission: Book of Death


  • Compass of Navigation: A unique magical compass that points to the user most wanted desire. It is unknown how James gained hold of the compass, but it said once belonged to the water deity, Triton or so goes the legend.
  • Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi

Magic & Abilities

Guns Magic: James uses magic involving weaponry. All naval captains of the is required to know this in the East-North Trading Guild.

  • Magic Blast: By simply firing the gun's trigger, James is able to fire a concentrated beam of magic energy into individuals, damaging the enemy and also their magic power.
  • Navy Magic: James' main magic, and a form of Guns Magic, combination of water and heat magic. He is able to cast spells that combines water and heat, allowing him to fire heated to boiling waters spells. However, he is able to use either magic in a single fashion, in other words, he can use Heat Magic as a standalone magic.
    • Navy Magic: Naval Shot: James Cook signature spell, he fires compressed bullets of water at the targets, and can cause major water damage. And it done correctly, can effectively strike at the pressure points.
    • Navy Magic: Wall of the Seas: James fires a compressed beam of concentratd heated water, able to send individuals flying, while using Heat Magic to heat the water to give burning effects.

Requip (換装 Kansō?): James is one of the Captain-Class mages to be a skilful usr of Requip. He possess two techniques. Combing these techniques grants him the title of Captain of Requiping (カップタン・アヴ・レクウイッピング kapputan avu rekuuippingu?).

  • Requip: The Navy (レクウイップ:・ザ・ネイヴィー rekuuippu: za neivii?): James' technique of Requip, similar to The Gunner, he is able to instantly materialized magical flintlock weapons and use them on the fly.
  • Requip: Naval Knight (騎士 Kaigun kishi?): James' special Requip technique involving the materialization of magical swords associated with naval life. He is able to summon variations of custom-made magical cutlesses with many elemental effects.

Sword Magic: Being a naval officer, he knows how to use the sword. He is known for his unique spells of Sword Magic technique knwon as the Captain Knight.

Enhanced Endurance: James is shown to be take stress and pain on a regular, having endureds a rain of magical projectiles from Blackbeard and stll continue to fight.

Extraordinary Magic Power: James possess extraordinary amounts of magic power. Having been using magic since he was young, he is able to use Guns Magic and Sword Magic at the same time, but shows no signs of magical depletion until much later on. It has been shown that James is able to use magic for more then 5 hours without being magically deprived. Of course, continously use magic and spells needed more magic power can deplete his magic power quickly.

Expert Swordsmen: James is one of the most skllful swordsmen in the guild, able to defend his back with his blade, and capable of using a magic flintlock on his left hand. He is able to use his sword to counter physical assaults, and even disarm others. Wth the use of Sword Magic, he is able to use the Kusanagi spell to slice through magic and magical objects, and even deflect incoming magic attacks.

Master Gunmanship

Expert Martial Artist: James is a well versatile combatant in unarmed combat, able to redirect incoming physical assaults, and is well in a stable pose. Using his skills, he is able to assault at the targets pressure points, and can make limbs paralyzed. He is able, as stated able to use his Martial Arts as a defense, combining his rather high degree of endurence to give a sense of enhanced strength.

Genius-Level Intellect: James has shown to be highly intelligent, able to learn navigational charts instantly, and remember naval routes, and is learn the Arcane arts with ease. He is able to process information with a comfortable rate which allows him for accurate judgmental skills, and tactical intuition during the Great War. He has used his intellect in trade, always able to gain greater profit.

Master Tachician


  • According to James, he said that he is loved by the sea, and by its inhabitants.
  • James is the youngest mage to attain Captain-Class classification at the age of 18 in the Royal Navy, without aquiring S-Class status.
  • James is a high target for Dark Mages due to his compass.
  • Inspired/name after Captain James Cook, an British naval captain, navigator who achieved first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, and the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand.