185px-Sumeragi Stopped

Jigoku in the left and Akuma was on the right

one day Jigoku asked Akuma can I fight you Akuma replied yes I will and then Jigoku said are you ready Akuma said yes and then Jigoku got his weapon and then used his gun and then Jigoku used an energy blast and then Akuma used Burakkufaiā Akuma totally destroyed the energy blast and then Jigoku went behind him and kicked Akuma from behind and then Akuma used Kuroi inazumaand then Jigoku used used the same thing Kuroi inazumaand then Akuma used Yami gēto and then Jigoku used Kaminari pointo and totally destroyed the move and then Jigoku the move power and then Jigoku used Kyūkyoku no suteppu and went behind Akuma in 10 mini seconds and then Akuma went forward to Jigoku and used Shi no yoru and attacked him and then Akuma used Shi no sutaffu and then Jigoku used Shi no sutaffu and made the move disappear and then Jigoku said thanks for the fight and then Jigoku went sleep

Kaminari pointo


Yami Geto

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