Jikai is a member of Sparrow's former thief gang, and the current leader.


Jikai was a member of a group of theives, led by Sparrow, that stole from Fiore's opressive rich and gave to the poor. One day the group, by chance, met Sparrow's father, Marco and after a teary reunion Sparrow and a few members of the gang joined Marco's guild. However, Jikai and the rest of the gang decided to remain as a righteous thief gang. Marco that they help him by relaying any information they hear that may be related to Arkaeus.


Although he appears laid back, Jikai is deceptively cunning. Jikai is also level-headed and during battle seeks to defeat his opponents quickly.

Magic and Abilities

  • Illusion Magic: Jikai is a skilled master of illusion magic, able to make illusionary clones that can fool even the most skilled mages.
  • Multiplication: Jikai is also able to create perfect clones of himself, which he uses in conjunction with his illusions to catch his opponents off guard.
  • Orichalcon Sword: A powerful magical sword. It allows the wielder to cut through anything including magic.
    Orichalcon Sword
    Combined with Jikai's powerful swordsmanship, the Orichalcon Sword becomes even more deadly.

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