Josho Gantz
Black Gate Warden
Name Josho Gantz
Kanji ジョシュガンツ
Romanji Joshou Gantsu
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age 30
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Blood Type N/A
Professional Status
Affiliation Black Gate
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Warden
Previous Occupation Vice-Warden
Team Black Gate Staff
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Isis
Previous Partner Previous Warden
Base of Operations Black Gate
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Basic
Alias "The Warden"

"The Devil Guard"(悪魔ガード Akuma Gado)

Magic Armour of Souls, Speed Magic, Various Elemental Magics

Josho Gantz is the newly appointed Warden of the notorious Black Gate prison. He is feared throughout the prison; considered a force to be reckoned with by most prisoners.





Magic and Abilities

Master Magician: He is a highly powerful magician, and as the head of the Black Gate, is required to be exceptional in the use of various magics. He has his own, unique Lost Magic, named Armour of Souls, and can use Various Elemental Magic with high levelled proficiency, he is said to be one of the only people to have power rivalling the commanders of the Fiore Royal Military.

Armour of Souls

A powerful lost magic wielded by Josho. This magic allows him to see and talk to various spirits, demons, and other deceased members of other races around Earthland. With this, he makes contracts with them, allowing him to borrow their power for a certain amount of time in battle. When taken the form of a certain spirit, he takes that spirit's form, and uses their abilities, along with his own. His most commonly used form is that of a demon, which he has grown bonded to.

Various Elemental Magic

He is highly adept in the use of elemental magic, capable of rapid spellcasting in mere seconds, and is able to confuse opponents with his skill in sand magic, while in a large body of sand, he is said to be untraceable, even to the most skilled of sensors.

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