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Jutsu Shiki



Caster Magic


Adelle Crowley
Aether Cade
Eitan Loc
Freed Justine
Templarii Exsequor
Vorona Senna
Valentine Shiramizu
Cymbeline Abelard

Jutsu Shiki (術式 Jutsu Shiki aka Enchantments) is a Caster Type Magic used by Freed Justine and Lahar.


A Magic in which the user is able to enchant areas by surrounding them with Magic runes. Whoever steps into this runes is forced to comply with the rules that user has set up beforehand. Due to the nature of his power, his enchantments are more suited for traps than actual combat. However, the enchantments which Freed makes can be undone, Levy has lately been seen to remove Freed's enchantments with her Magic Solid Script and Evergreen is able to undo some of Freed's enchantments, simply from seeing him use them a lot.

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