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Kaguya Tsukiko
Name Kaguya Tsukiko
Kanji かぐや げっし
Rōmaji Kaguya Gesshi
Alias Celestial Princess
Race Human
Birthdate January 25
Age 18

Female Female

Height 168 cm
Weight 55 kg
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Magenta
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Mage
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Magic Celestial Spirit Magic

Sword Magic

Weapons Sword Ryujin

Kaguya Tsukikoかぐや げっし, Kaguya Gesshi) is a very power independant mage reknowed throught the world as the Celestial Princess because of her immense beauty and vast use of her Celestial Spirit Magic.  


Kaguya is a incredibly attractive short young woman, with a slender figure, large pink eyes, and very long  magen ta colored hair pinned up with a golden hairpin that resembles a butterfly landing onto a flower into two hoops which extend into two pony tails that reach down to of her ankles.

Her usual attire consists of a long elegant pink dress, with long white sleeves and yellow ruffles.Over her dress Kaguya wears a long green and blue robe with black and white trimming. This is all tied together with a green scarf that wraps around her waist and then circles around her arms.


Kaguya is a very cheerful and peppy person. However, when annoyed, Kaguya is not always that cheerful, as she can sometimes be rude or angry if things do not go her way. Kaguya also has a very child-like personality that can make her seem emotional, energetic, and sometimes gullible due to the fact that she has not had that long to interact with much people. Ulthough she can be very childish at times Kaguya is a very clever and intelligent girl who also has vast knowledge about the magical world despite being so young.

Even though Kaguya boust a childish personality and appereance when the situation presents itself Kaguya can become very serious and sadistic and becomes and even tougher opponent than her regular self. She won't stop until she has beaten her opponent to pulp or if she is defeated, which rarely happens.




'Sword of Ryujin'(竜神の剣, Rixyuujinno Ken) 

Magic and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Master Swordsmanship Specialist:

Physical Prowess

Tremendous Strength:

Immense Speed:

Magical Abilities

Immense Magic Power:

Sword Magic