"My love for him never dwindled. I am asking you to do me this favor, avenge my husband's death, because I cannot do it myself!"
— to Akira at Ko's shrine

Karen Kitsune, is the Sacred Beast for the Underworld Stigma and currently resides within Akira Kazema.  


Despite her age, Karen, is the youngest Sacred Beast of them all. She was not one of the Sacred Beasts who tried to control the planet. At a certain point in time, Karen had a vessel whom she fell in love with. His name was Shohei Roland. His love for her was just as great as her's to him. As a result of years of research, he created a spell that reverses the effects of "Overdrive" as long as the user remains alive. However, the user must give up a body part, Shohei gave up his left eye. He then continued his life with Karen at his side until he was killed by a "vessel" being controlled by a Sacred Beast named Ko. Since then, she never accepted any living creature until Akira came along. However, she sees Akira more like a son than a lover. Shohei and Karen did have a child named Daichi Roland. The only living descendant of Shohei and Karen is Reikon Roland(S-Class Mage of Masquerade). Later in life, Akira came along to her shrine and made the contract with him.


Karen has some motherly instinct towards Akira, even though they are not related in any way. She also has sort of a royalty-like attitude, where she tends to judge other's appearance. Karen can sometimes be snobby,but its usually just as a joke.


Karen is tall and slender; by far, the most beautiful Sacred Beast ever. She has blonde hair and pitch black eyes. She also has a total of 9 fox tails; 5 beige and 4 black. She wears a black and beige kimono with a blue belt around

Karen Before Overdrive

her stomach. During her time of freedom on Earthland, Karen took the form of an elegant, blond haired, nine-tailed fox.

Magic and Abilities

Karen's exclusive magic, Underworld Magic, calls upon the spirits hidden "where the sun


Karen at her shrine

cannot see them"; shadows. She asks them for assistance and they obey her wishes; granting her psycic abilities. Karen has one power in each of her tails. Now as a slumbering sacred beast, Karen filters her power through Akira 's left eye, activating his Stigma.

Tailed Powers

Telepathy: Karen wraps her tails a around the target and the spirits probe the mind of the target, telling her what they are thinking.

Underworld Immitation: Karen cloaks a spirit in her shadow that does as she commands.

Underworld Takeover:

more comming soon...

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