Kaze Ikisatashi






cyclonia/Royal Guard


Babylon: Zephyr's Wing

Kaze Ikisatashi

She is a Cyclon who is also a member of the royal guard - Hozon's special guard.


She is a beautiful woman who wears a green and white skirt with a huge green cape from the back of it, knee high green laced boots and she carries a green staff with a purple jewel on it. She also has green hair with different shades that get darker the further down her hair and green eyes


She is a warm and kind personality and also expresses her style of fighting as 'art'

Magic and Abiities

Zephyr's wing: her type of babylon is known as zephyr's wing allowing her to control wind in various ways.

  • Zeus' Fist: she waves her staff causing wind to surround the foe preventing them from moving.
  • Fujin's Rage: she blasts the foe with air crushing them
  • Fei Lan's Wingbeat: she fires bullets of compressed air at the foe.
  • Njord's Hammer: she waves her staff in a downwards motion and all the wind slashes the foe and blasts them away.
  • Stribog's Directions: while in the air she points her staff at the foe causing eight tornadoes from it.


  • The names of her attacks are named after the greek, japanese, chinese, norse and slavic wind gods.

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