Kazuki Tsukimori
Ken Zennosuke
Name Kazuki Tsukimori
Kanji 和樹月森
Romanji Kazuki Sukimori
Race Cat-Boy
Birthday 7th June
Age 17
Gender Male
Eyes Purple
Hair Blue
Blood Type Rh-
Unusual Features Cat ears and tail
Professional Status
Affiliation Honeybee Guild
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Occupation S-Class Mage
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Partner Suzu Inaba
Personal Status
Marital Status In a Relationship
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Magic Speed Magic, Claw Magic, Silent Killing Magic, Violin Magic
Alias The Night Stalker
Image Gallery

Kazuki Tsukimori the Night Stalker is an S-Class Mage of the Honeybee Guild and a major supporting character in Fairy Tail: Golden Hive . He is the boyfriend of Suzu Inaba whom he is commonly seen with and they would say something to eachother simply to make fellow S-Clas Mage Shem Kamazuki retort with disgust. He is also usually seen performing in the guild alongside Dorian Gretto as he plays his violin and Dorian plays his guitar.




Magic and Abilities


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