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Kenshin Heian
Fanon Kenshin
Name Kenshin Heian
Kanji 謙信平安
Rōmaji Kenshin Heian
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Black
Hair Blue
Blood Type 0
Unusual Features Hates guilds
Professional Status
Affiliation Team Kenshin
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team Team Kenshin
Partner None
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Alias None
Magic Void
Maguilty Sodom

Kenshin Heian is an independent mage and the leader of Team Kenshin. His team are one of the favorites in the Pergrande Tournament this year. He is competing for a chance at "power", or so he says.


Kenshin appearance


Kenshin is a tall and thin young man. He sports long messy blue hair, that tends to cover parts of his face normally. He wears a black tank top, draping over a pale cloak. Kenshin wears large black gloves and has bandages on his wrists. Along with that are very pale pants and black boots wrapped in bandages.


Kenshin in a few words is cocky, out spoken, brave, and at times careless. He is not a man for semantics and will do as his heart desires. The only thing Kenshin loves more then the life of an adventurous mage, is the pursuit of a worthy fight. Kenshin is a fighter in all meanings of the word, it's his "bread and butter" in life. While he is reather cocky, he still cares about his team mates; desires for them to go far with him. At the mention of the Hell Tournament, Kenshin had jumped at the chance of competing. While he isn't man to let physical looks of women control him, Kenshin finds himself stricken by beauty when he encounters Lana Kaen. Beyond his tought exterior, Kenshin desires "power", for what has yet to be revealed. But is his reason for competing. He also openly hates mage guilds.


Magic and Abilities

Armed with the lost magic Maguilty Sodom and Void, Kenshin is an incredibly powerful mage. So much so that he was not intimidated by Sanjo Vista, despite the latter being a Wizard Saint; one of the best, to bat. Kenshin has considerable skill in Air Magic, as he is able to utilize Void. Also unlike Meredy of Grimoire Heart, he can conjure more then just ethereal blades with his Maguilty Sodom. Kenshin is also very skilled in unarmed combat, and impressively swfit in combat.


Maguilty Sodom


Hand to Hand Combat Expert: Kenshin is very skilled in unarmed combat.

Enhanced Strength: Kenshin exibits physical strength notably superior to any average mage. To the point that he can send enemies hurling through walls.

Enhanced speed: Quick on his feet, Kenshin is very swift in combat; his raw speed is very impressive.


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