Kojibiashi Family

The Kojibiashi Family is a noble family of mages who reside in the country of Seven. They have a strange bloodline trait of powerful mages born into this family having pink hair and powerful mages who marry in to the family gain pink hair, although members who do not have pink hair are also powerful. They also act as a guild with Shin being the guild master and they also take jobs which are specially posted to them which usually include dark guild destruction, slaying monsters etc.


This family also has many members and is the biggest known family in all of Seven.

Shin Kojibiashi : The Seventeenth head of the Kojibiashi Family and a member of the Seven Weapon Mages and is a master whip wielder. He is the husband of Rina and father of Haru, Renge, Valliere and Hana.

Rina Kojibiashi : Rina is the wife of Shin and mother of Haru, Renge, Valliere and Hana. She is a master of the ribbon magic and she is Valliere's mentor in this magic. She also likes to clean the house in her spare time hence why she dresses in a french maid outfit. She is also a terrible cook and the entire family is scared of her just by her saying dinner.

Haru Kojibiashi : Haru is the eldest child of Rina and Shin and is a master of the Whisker Beam Magic and is the leader of her own group of mages. She also has a strange habbit of saying squeak after sentences and when in battle or something annoys her she will say it.

Renge Kojibiashi :

Valliere Kojibiashi :

Hana Kojibiashi :

Niku Kojibiashi :

Lambada Kojibiashi :

Ahatake Kojbiashi :

Li Kojibiashi :

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