The Vial Keeper

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Age 10
Gender Female
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Eyes Unknown
Hair Blomde
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Occupation Scientist/Mage
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Team Baroque
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Partner Shukuro Kojima
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Education Advanced
Alias The Vial Keeper
Magic Magic Vials, Re-Quip

Kurobun is the scientist for the Organization Baroque.


She has an extremely strange and bizarre appearance as she has blonde hair with bangs down both sides of her face. Her eye colour is unknown as she is constantly seen with her circular glasses with circles on them. She also wears a long black robe with a purple inside and a creepy looking, black bunny rabbit withch's hat with red eyes and a mouth which is loosely stiched up. She also wears a purple bel under her robe and it jolds multiple vials with vibrant coloured liquid inside them. Under her robe she also has a white shirt with a red tie and a black skirt.


She is quite mature for her young age and appearance as she is shown using very long and scientific words that almost no-one else knows what they mean and also seems to hate to solve other' problems and seems to only get involved in a fight if she is called into it. She is also extremely powerful despite her age as she can kick holes in stone and perform numerous athletic feats with little to no effort.

Magic and Abilities

Holder Magic User : She is a very powerful user of holder magic and she is also extremely capable of fending for herself in ways someone twice her age would not.

  • Magic Vials : She is able to utilize magic vials of chemicals which have numerous effects depending on what chemical is used. She can store these vials on her belt or even re-quip them if she desires.
  • Re-Quip : She is able to store her various magical vials in a magical pocket dimmension and then magically summon later for her use in combat.

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