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"I the son of the great Phoenix Stinger was once a lost child... A long time ago I believed that I was strong, but these children taught me something different. They showed me true strength. They showed me that true strength is not measured by how strong your magic is, but is measured by one's self determination to fight onward for his friends and for his guild! I Lazarus Stinger refuse to be defeated by the likes of you!"
— Lazarus Stinger to the Tartaros Guild

Lazarus Stinger
Lazarus Stinger
Name Lazarus Stinger
Kanji ラザロスティンガー
Rōmaji Razarosutingā
Race Human
Age 22
Gender Male
Eyes Amber
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Griffin Gryffinclaw
Occupation S-Class Mage
Team Team Galaxy
Base of Operations Gryffinclaw Guild Building
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Phoenix Stinger (Grandfather)
Magic Gravity Magic
Weapons Giant Claymore

Lazarus Stinger (ラザロスティンガー Razarosutingā) is an S-Class Mage of the Gryffinclaw Guild and is one of the strongest members alongside Ling, Hilda Bachmeir, Lorena, and Kaius. He uses Gravity Magic as his signature form of magic and is more skilled with it than his grandfather who taught it to him.


Lazarus Stinger Upper
Lazarus without his jacket on.
TaqqiqAdded by Taqqiq
Lazarus is a tall, muscular young man with sleek, wavy black hair and amber eyes. His hair is laid out of his face with the exception of one tiny strand that hangs over his forehead. Lazarus has a fair skin complextion. He has black eyebrows that are wavy like his hair and at the end of them jut upward like spikes. His eyes are slender and thin. Lazarus always wears an x shaped necklace around his neck (he even wears it when he is resting). Lazarus wears a white tank top style shirt and usually wears a black leather jacket with a white fur collar on top of the shirt. He wears sleek black slacks and white dress shoes. 


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