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Lengthening Magic

Holder Magic


Lucy Heartfilia

Lengthening Magic is a form of caster magic which allows the user to control the length of any object they desire. This means the caster can change the size of any object like a grain of rice or sand into large thin pillar for things like staffs or steps or they can make a pencil the size of a scyscraper. This is utilized by the Dark Guild Necessarius member Alicia and Fairy Tail member Lucy Heartfilia who both use it to lengthen their whips.


Alicia's Spells

  • Grain Length: She increases the length of a grain of rice or sand for various purposes like crearting a staff weapon or steps.

Alicia & Lucy's Spells

  • Devil's Tail: The caster can extend the length of their whip for longer ranged attacks.