Lepus The Hare is one of Nuryn Kuroki 's Celestial Spirit.Lepus's previous owner was Nuryn's mother Fahima Kuroki .Unlike most Celestial Spirits,Lepus's personality and appearance changes when she has a new owner due to her Transformation Magic.

Name Lepus
Japanese Name
Romanized Name

The Hare

Key Type Silver
Owner Nuryn Kuroki
Former Owner Fahima Kuroki
Way of Fighting
Relatives none
Days Every day


Due to her Transformation Magic,Lepus has multiple appearances,which are listed below:

Her current appearance:A young girl with a mature body and has long flowing pink hair with a white rabbit tag and big blue eyes.

When she was with Fahima Kuroki :A young girl with short,light,brown hair and dark,brown eyes.


Due to her Transformation Magic,Lepus has multiple personalities,which are listed below:

Her current form:

Lepus is a very destructive, violence and insane young girl.She would take deliberate pleasure in inflicting the most pain possible when facing her opponents,reguarly resulting to cruel and unusual methods of punishment for her defeated enemies.Other than being destructive, violence and insane,Lepus is also bloodthirsty and sadistic.

Due to her insane personality,Nuryn greatly admires Lepus and views her as a role model and an older sister,wishing to become like her.Because of this and fact Lepus was very close to Nuryn's mother Fahima Kuroki (Who cared and loved Lepus as her own) Lepus is very affectionate and protective towards Nuryn, acting as the role of a mother/older sister.Because of this she has rivalry with Nuryn's older sister Narcissus Kuroki who also acts as a mother towards her younger sister.

When she was with Fahima Kuroki :

At fist Lepus was a very strict and proud character, with a general cold outlook on life.She also acted mature and serious,easily annoyed by others goofing off or drawing unneeded attention to themselves.Lepus was cold and hostile towards others,espacily towards her owner.Although during the time she spent with Fahima changed her,becoming more like a human being.



Magic and Abilities

Transformation : When Lepus has a new owner she change her appearance.

High Speed :Lepus uses Magic called High Speed that appears to increase her speed and boost both her strength and agility.

Earth Magic : Lepus can make earth come out of her hand or control the earth around her for attack or defend. Lepus is a very skilled user to the point she can manipulate the physical properties of earth.She can literally dive into the ground (be it rock, concrete, or metal), using her hands or feet, and tunnel through it.Lepus can also cover part of her body (or the entirety of it) with rocks.

Plant Magic :Lepus can make plants come out of her body or control the plants surronding her to attack/defend.She can also make plants grow very quickly.Lepus can cover part of her body (or the entirety of it) with plants.

Wood-Make :Other than creating a variety of objects or weapons out of wood to be used as attack or defense,Lepus can also can also cover her entire body in wood to create the various items.

Immortality: As a Celestial Spirit, Lepus cannot die, unless she is somehow forced to stay in the Human World for too long without the chance to return to the Celestail Spirit World.

Strength:Despite her appearance,Lepus is shown capable of breaking through solid rock with her punches.



Lepus's current appearance came from Mizuki Himeji of Baka To Test and when she was with Fahima Kuroki came from Hikari Yagami of Digimon Adventure 02.



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