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Light of Dark, also known as Yin Magic, is an incredibly powerful darkness based magic that acts as a perfect counter for Dark of Light. Along with Dark of Light it is one half of Alpha and Omega.


Unlike most darkness based magics Light of Dark works by granting its user absolute control of the world's "negative". In practice this means the user draws darkness out of the "Soul of the Universe" to be used as a weapon. Due to the fact Light of Dark is actually half of a stronger magic it is incomplete, and thus tends to be incredibly difficult to control and use.


  • Negative Beam: The caster channels the "negative" into themselves and then fires a beam of black energy from their body, normally their hand or mouth. It is stated to be an attempt to recreate Heaven's Gate, though due to Light of Dark's incomplete nature it is signifigantly weaker than its insperation.
  • Negative Ball: The caster creates a dense ball of "negative" in the palm of their hand and then slams it into their target, ripping through them as the "negative" reacts with their "positive" to turn into energy.
  • Force Field: By using "negative" to harden the air around them the caster can deflect most low to medium tier spells. It is also able to filter top tier spells to weaken their effects.
  • Mind Influence: Due to Light of Dark granting its caster the ability to manipulate the "negative" of the world, it also allows the caster to manipulate the "negative" with another person's mind. This is done by removing the "negative" which generally has the effect of altering a persons mindset making them more positive and light hearted. It is normally used to avoid conflict by removing a person's ill will.

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