Lionnel Goldfish
Name Lionnel Goldfish
Race Clergy Siren
Birthday April 1st
Age 31 (Real is 71)
Gender Male Male
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Affiliation Galuna Sirens
Occupation Mage
Base of Operations Galuna Sirens
Personal Status
Status Unknown
Relatives Dating Thetis Bellafont
Magic Poison Magic, Gravity Magic, Sirens Abillities

Lionnel is a powerful mage from Galuna Sirens


Lionnel has a cheerful demeanor, and is always on hand to offer support, encouragement and guidance to his friends. He has a complex personality; at times he is mischievous, laid-back, and friendly, but at other times he is cold and bitter. He has a darker side to him as well, as being a bookman means that he is not allowed to make connections to the humans he works with, although his heart goes against these teachings and he will fiercely protect his friends. Despite his generally playful attitude, Lionnel can also be very mature. He often acts as a big brother and mentor to the people he is around. Lionnel is very intelligent and strategic when it comes to battling, working out tactics that would be most effective and is very knowledgeable about facts and history.


Magic and Abilities

Being a Clergy Siren he possesses:

  • Transform the tail into legs and walk freely;
  • Controling every liquid in existence;
  • Longevity (Don't pass 220 years) ;
  • Lower healing magic;
  • Inhuman speed and durability;
  • Mind controling;
  • Possess unique animal feature and their abilities(He is a Lion Fish siren, and the body is very poisonous, and the claws are deadly) ;
  • Strenght and durability;
  • Voice magic, being able to scream at a hipersonic sound or to use a variation of Charm.
    Betta merman by namingway-d423z5e

Poison Magic:Poison Magic is a form of caster magic which allows the caster to manipulate poison to an unknown degree, like a corrosive poison, or a neural poison.

Gravity Magic: Lionnel can control gravitational fields. Can bend gravity to make environment very “heavy” or “light”, cause objects to “fall” towards another object instead of the earth (“nexus inducing”). Can flatten objects and generate miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion. Often users of this ability also possess some form of Darkness-related power, as they can absorb light like a black hole, thus making their gravitational distortions appear black.

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