Liv Joanne

the Greedy Serpent

Name Liv Joanne
Kanji {{{kanji}}}
Romanji {{{romanji}}}
Race Siren
Birthday July 7th
Age Seems 29 but has 86 years
Gender Female
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Eyes Black
Hair Black
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Affiliation Galuna Sirens
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Occupation Mage
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Base of Operations Galuna Sirens
Personal Status
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Alias Poison
Magic Card Magic, Venom Magic, Kilo Magic

Liv Joanne is a powerful mage from Galuna Sirens and she is the rival of the leader: Thetis Bellafont.

She is also the sub-leader of the Galuna Islands.

Her siren mark is in her belly side.


Magic and Abilities

As one of the powerful Nobles Sirens, she has:

  • Charming voice;
  • Water magic capacibility;
  • Transform the tail into legs and walk freely.
  • Vast water controling, and the capacity of create it;
  • Inhuman speed and durability;
  • Lower healing magic;
  • Longevity;
  • Possess unique animal feature (Sea Snake Siren) and it abilities.
Card Magic: This magic revolves around the manipulation of cards like combining them or materializing the pictures on the tarot cards.
  • Astral Opala
  • Sea Snake's form and her Blinded 'n' Chains
  • Astral Opala: Liv uses the Lovers, the Hermit and Tower cards to convoke a powerful spiritual blue aura, and some scripts circle Liv. The cards are transformed into a seal and then release a powerful beam, that can hurt the magic and soul of the target.
  • Bomber Garnet: Using the Fool, Magician and Death cards, Liv can create a small portal of 10cm of diameter that throw hundreds of red crystals that explode into a little and massive power, that can create holes in the hardest of the steels.
  • Rainy Turquoise: She places the Empress and the Moon cards at the ground and then a huge fountain are created that can "clean" the magic of the opponent.
  • Growing Morganit: Liv uses the Hierophant , High Priestess and the World cards to grow at a size of 12 meters.
  • Caging Amber: Liv uses the Sun, Charriot, and Judgement cards to create a yellow and giant bubble that hardens when anyone enters.
  • Psychic Sugilite: A purple halo envolve the targets when Liv plays Strenght, Wheel of Fortune and Temperance cards. The people at the halo starts to being crushed into a huge force.
  • Jolting Topaz: When the Hanged Man, the Devil and the Emperor and summoned, a huge and deadly lightning emerges from Liv's body to hit the opponent with a enormous discharge.
  • Tissue Malachite: When used the Wheel of Fortune, Stars and Hierophant a huge field of 5 meters of diameters is created and nullify all the magic.
  • Volcano Jasper: A overheat stream of magma is convoked by the Sun and Emperor cards.
  • Disastrous Sapphire: When the Devil and the Lovers cards is summoned a storm made of blue colors will arrive.
  • Healing Jade: If the Judgement card is fused with the Lovers a green light will shine on the target and then heal them.                                                                                                                                                             

Weight Magic: She can alter her size without morphing the body, so she can use her Siren form's tail to be a 10,000 kg deadly mace, and other uses, also planning with a 1 kg body.

Blinded 'n' Chains: It's a magical sword that can hipnotize humans by waving it. Blinded 'n' Chains also has two chains that is used to waving and hurt some nears opponents.

Venom Magic: She can create and control a huge variety of venom and large types of features, like corrosive venom, paralizing poison and gas venom.


  • All her card's magic are named after gemstones.

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