Magic Wand
Magic Wand



Mahō no Tsue


Holder Magic
Magical Weapon


Stella Grimani

Magic Wand (魔法の杖, Mahō no Tsue) is a Magical Weapon utilized by Stella Grimani.


A long wand which Stella is able to hold in one hand. It is a light yellow colour and the top is a decorative pink heart shaped ornament with a hollow centre which is connected to the shaft of the wand. Also to the bottom sides of the heart. The wand also has several other forms which greatly amplify it's abilities.


The above description is the wand's base form, however when Stella releases large amounts of magical energy, it can alter the appearance of the wand temporarily, also drastically increasing it's abilities.

Crush Form

This form is obtained when Stella releases all of her energy and lasts only 5 minutes. The wand glows pink and several wing-like ornaments from the sides of the heart. It allows her to drastically increase it's canale d'amore and love magic.

Obsession Form

By drastically absorbing magical power around her, her crush form's wing ornaments glow and extend upwards and then outwards to form an oversized, purple broadsword with flower like designs on it. This grants her immense cutting and destructive power along with increased canale d'amore and love magic.


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