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Magical Bandaging Magic



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Magical Bandaging (幻想的包帯Gensōtekihōtai) is a form of Caster and Holder magic as well as a subspecies of Healing Magic.



Arabella explaining the magic.

This magic was created to replicate the effects of Healing Magic, at a drastically decreased effect. Magical Bandaging works by channeling the user's own magical power, through their hands, or an item to an injured enemy. The user is referred to as the "internal vessel" of magic power while the target is referred to as the "external vessel", with any items being used in the spell being referred to as a "vector".

By channeling their own eternano into the target, the target's own lost magical energy which had been depleted through the victim's injuries is restored. This is then able to be used as a place-holder of sorts, allowing the victim to fight without injuries for a maximum of 20 minutes for a normal user. For an advanced user, the time can extend accordingly, but never above an hour.

This magic is able to relieve fatigue, exhaustion, delirium and illness due to lack of magical energy and is unable to heal physical wounds. In relation to physical wounds, the only aspect this magic can "heal" is that it can stop the "bleeding" (loss) of eternano from the wound.


Arabella's Spells
Name Description Appearance
Auger (オーガ Ōga)

Arabella focuses her magical energy into her wand and the eternano that she fuels it with passes into the person she wishes to heal. The air around her becomes filled with lights and small objects - such as her spellbook - begin to defy gravity when she casts the spell. The lights begin to surround the target and once the light fades: they are rejuvenated with magical energy and appear physically revitalised for a short period of time.

Vengel (ヴェンゲル Vuengeru)

Arabella concentrates her eternano into the form of a swarm of shining lights which appear similar to dandelion seeds being dispersed. These 'seeds' then spread among the area and begin to stick to and form clusters around a group of people, the light then envelops the targets and rejuvenates any lost magical energy for a temporary time frame.



  • This magic was created by Ash9876 in order to prevent any more Healing Magic spamming, Healing Magic is a RARE FORM OF MAGIC. As stated in both canon and by us admins many-a-time. If you wish to use a healer, it is preferred you use this form of magic.
  • Note, this is NOT permanent healing. It only TEMPORARILY heals an individual's injuries.

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